Your opportunities of renting one apartment v a felony document is close come zero… I dislike saying it, however it is the truth and it is not going come change. Our organization, help for Felons, has operated with hundreds of felons that need housing.

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There room a few “felon friendly” apartment administration companies but they are few and far between. In this guide we will display you countless ways to discover an apartment v a felony.

Finding felon familiar apartments or real estate for rent deserve to be one exceedingly daunting task, much an ext so nowadays 보다 it has been in the past. Our company hears from hundreds of felons yearly that space turned down by landlords and also property management groups.

Poor credit transaction can additionally make apartment hunting problematic for felons. Once you pair poor credit and a criminal background finding an apartment have the right to seem practically impossible, frustrating, and also expensive.

Is that fair…

Option 1 – uncover a small-time landlord

Start v landlords that have actually a few properties rather than these large apartment complexes that are owned through property monitoring groups. Regularly these landlords will certainly be more open to renting to someone v a felony. Better yet few of these landlords will certainly not also run a lift check.

Where come look

Craigslist believe it or no is more than likely the best place to uncover felon trusted apartments and also housing. The factor for this is since most of the advertisers ~ above Craigslist are little time landlords, definition they just own one or two rental units. Several of them will not even run a background check. If they execute utilize criminal lift checks, you deserve to speak v them face to confront to define your past.

Other websites like Zillow and also Realtor likewise have listing by individual landlords.

How come search

When you go to craigslist choose the state the you live in then pick the city that is nearest come you. Discover the real estate section and then you deserve to search because that apartments and housing. You can also input your maximum and minimum rental cost.

When looking through every one of the listings look because that townhouses, duplexes, single-family homes and also trailers. remain away from big apartment complexes that advertise top top Craigslist.

Option 2 – Apartment monitoring Companies

If you have any kind of felony, also an old one you space going to run into issues. The is still feasible for girlfriend to gain an apartment with some of these providers though.

How to get an apartment

Lie… On her application check no to “Criminal Record.” I would certainly not effort doing this in ~ newly built apartment complexes or those in a “hip” component of town. Older properties or those apartments in a less than desirable part of town might not run background checks.

If the apartment facility is to run a tight spending plan it is possible, they will never run the lift check. I guarantee you that this does happen from time come time. They take your application fee and also pocket the money fairly than spend it top top the background check.

The fence to law this is the you room going to finish up safety money on application fees and will acquire denied however it may be precious the effort.

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Income Requirements

Keep in psychic that huge apartments complexes and also management suppliers want friend to have an earnings three times higher than the rent. In various other words, if the rental is 500 dollars a month you must be making around $1,500 a month in income.