We all want cheaper lumber, right? Well, you might not want “cheap” lumber, however you definitely don’t want to pay any more for your products than you have to. And also that’s wherein finger joint timber comes in. If it can save friend a lot of on her lumber and also molding costs it might not it is in the best an option for your project.

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Finger joint lumber was the hardwood industry’s method of creating the lengthy pieces of lumber that we need for non-structural things like trim and also casings. Certain you have the right to buy non-finger share versions which are usually called stain grade, yet they price a lot much more than your finger jointed cousins. Why?

How is Finger Joint wood Made?


Wood manufacturers take part left over lengths of hardwood that space too brief to use all over else and cut the end of them through a finger share profile. It’s not complicated, you deserve to make your own finger share profile with a finger share router little if you wanted to. It’s a an excellent way to do a item of wood expand to almost any size by adding much more and more pieces to the end.

The finger share is then glued through a wood glue or various other adhesive and also clamped together to cure. When the glue is cured and the clamps are eliminated you have the right to sand or aircraft the hardwood smooth so the the share lines up perfectly and once painted the share is commonly invisible (for a time).

Finger joint hardwood is cheap because the manufacturers have the right to use tiny lengths that leftover timber to assemble full length of moldings. That equates to expense savings sure, yet what walk it carry out to the performance?

Finger share Performance

This is simply my opinion from working about the stuff because that years. Periodically I’ve set up it myself, but much more often I’m the one removing it as soon as it fails. It can work well, in bigger pieces once there is ample gluing surface ar to aid hold the pieces together, however it still has actually one fatal flaw.

Wood moves. Timber expands and contracts in an answer to the problems in the environment approximately it like heat, cold, and also moisture. The trouble with finger joint wood is that every piece of lumber moves differently and also the piece of timber on one side of the share vs. The various other side will nearly always expand and also contract at different rates. This outcomes in the joint weakening and pushing apart end time.

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Even if there isn’t fail of the joint the expansion and also contraction regularly results in the share projecting through the repaint where it can be clearly seen. Deserve to you say, “ugly”?

Joints like in the photo at the peak of this post tend to perform best since of the huge glue area, but tiny finger joint moldings prefer door stop, cove molding, quarter round and also other comparable items regularly don’t even have the toughness to make it through transport from the save to the task site.

Should You usage Finger Joints?

I certainly won’t yell in ~ you if you do. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! just kidding! Finger joint lumber have to never be used for anything structural or exposed come the elements, however if you desire to conserve a little to placed some new casings in your closet then sure go ahead. Simply be aware that you obtain what you salary for and also it is much cheaper 보다 solid wood. What does that tell you around the quality you are getting?

My thinking is really much in line through what Benjamin Franklin famously said, “The bitterness of negative quality remains lengthy after the sweetness of short price is forgotten.”