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I"ve got a 2000 focus Ztec 16v engine I"m functioning on. Over there doesn"t seem to be any kind of test port at all on the fuel rail. I recognize what castle look favor a shrader valve v the valve stem form cap top top it. Where the heck is it? I see the psi sensor top top the R side, and also the vehicle drivers side is capped through a plate and also a 1/8" sealed nipple sticking out in the middle. She journey the automobile to previous E ~ above a 100 degree day, and also the auto died. She gained 5 gallons of gas ago in it, and also now the chugged home, no power, and also to won"t walk above about 1600 rpm in gear. I imagine she suck up part junk native the bottom of the tank or just melted her pump up. I"d still like to test it. Thanks.
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Alldata says there is a company port in the fuel rail however I don"t have anything specific. In tank fuel pumps are cooled and lubricated through the fuel in the tank. As soon as you operation a auto out the gas, that pumps a most air v the pump i beg your pardon overheats it and causes some serious wear and many times, failure as soon as they cool off. Girlfriend will need to use a fuel press gauge to verify this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or offering advice yet we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional. (This write-up was edited by Hammer Time ~ above Jul 18, 2011, 3:10 PM)
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there is no shrader valve on the emphasis fuel rail. You have actually use a T connector. If fuel press is low you will certainly still have to acquire it top top a scanner and see what PID"s say.. The voltaged is varried because that the pump depending on what that reads indigenous the Fuel push regulator..

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Friend will need to make certain the mechanism as a whole is functioning properly.

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