Freak the mighty WebsiteBY: Andrew G. & Casey J.

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Freak the Mighty WebsiteBy: Andrew Ghali and also Casey P.

In the story Freak the Mighty, Max thinks that he is a target head and that he does not have actually a mind until Freak came and also let that borrow in for a while. Grim was reasoning that Max would prosper up come be favor his father, however Grim thinks the Max’s dad is a murder. Max was provided the nickname kicker because he likes to absent his teachers and other people who tried to hug or touch him. Max lived in the basement that his grandparents’ house. On the an initial day of July, Freak moves in Max’s neighborhood.

Chapter FiveBY: Andrew Ghali

Max is thinking why Gwen ran far from that while the is under his bed. Climate Gram knocks top top the door and tells him the Gwen wants to apologize for running away indigenous him and that the is invite to sign up with them during supper. In addition while Gwen to be preparing supper they were talking about Max’s father and also how the is in prison. At the finish Max go home and also once goes come bed that starts crying around how well things are going.

Chapter sixBy: Casey P.

Chapter 6 beginning off with Max and also Kevin walking to check out fireworks in a local park. Since Freak is therefore small, he can’t see, for this reason Max throw Kevin increase on his shoulders therefore he have the right to see. Next while the fireworks to be going off Kevin yells large words. The words to be the reactions of the fireworks and some ingredients in the fireworks. Finally Freak and Max space headed in the direction of the food was standing for some drinks and gets jumped by Tony D.

Chapter eightBy: Casey P.

In the beginning of chapter eight, Max describes how Freak wakes Max increase every morning. Freak states it like this, “Get outta bed, girlfriend lazy beast! There room fair maidens come rescue! dragons to slay!” following Max defines how one time Freak could not sit still, therefore Max stated you have actually ants in your pants. Freak responds through saying, “That’s what the same Gwen always says, walk she tell you come say that?” and also then Freak goes on about how the doesn’t have any kind of insects in his pants. Last, Freak says a really confusing word come Max and also of course Max walk not obtain the word so Freak has Max watch it up in the dictionary.

In the start of chapter 11 Max and Freak were forced in to Loretta Lee’s residence to return her wallet. But in the process Loretta to be drunk. And also Loretta began saying random things around Max’s father. Max gets so angry he busts through the door and also stomps out of the house and Freak calms him down by talking around his father. Freak said, “My dad to be a magician, once he heard birth defects, he disappeared.” This shows that Kevin also had a father who was no a an excellent person and also left him. That is easy to tell that chapter 16 to be a really action pack chapter.
In the start of chapter 16, Kane take away Max out of the house and tells him to be as fairly as a mouse. They try to continue to be out of sight till lock reach their destination. Kane speak Max the they room going come the testaments, yet Max go not understand why. That tries not to talk till they reach your destination. Once they with the testaments, Loretta Lee calls Iggy and tells him the Kane and also Max came. Castle both come in and they sit down, Iggy goes to fry part hamburgers due to the fact that Kane inquiry him because that food. After lock were excellent eating, they to be heading come the location Kane said Iggy about.
In the beginning of thing 20, while Killer Kane to be choking Loretta, Max yelling and also yelling him come stop. At an initial Kane does no listen till Max tells him that he experienced him killing his mom the same way he is death Loretta. Kane pipeline Loretta and then goes because that Max. Then Freak comes in v his squirt gun full of acid. At first Kane was not scared till Freak squirts the in the eye. Max and Freak start running away and also when they acquired out the cops were neighboring the place. The cops arrest Kane, Gram, and also Gwen hugged Max and also Freak.
In the beginning of chapter 22, it is practically the end of school and also Freak’s date of birth is comes up genuine soon. Once it is his birthday the fair Gwen and Gram to be frosting the cake while Freak was hanging out in the life room. Climate they lug him his present, and also it is a computer. Freak start it appropriate away and shows Gram exactly how to pat 3D chess. When Max was doing the dishes and Gram was through Freak, she yells and then they recognize something is wrong. They call the ambulance and also all they might do was wait.

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In the start of thing 24, Max wakes up really beforehand so he can go to the hospital and also visit Freak. When reaches the hospital, there was nobody there to tell him no to enter at dawn. ~ he come at Freaks room over there are countless nurses, however Freak is no there. Among the nurses recognizes Max and also then castle all start crying. Max go not believe it and he is running approximately like a maniac. Dr. Spivak tells Max the the bionic body was fake and Freak simply wanted hope. She also tells him the his heart prospered too large for him and also he died.