The singer and also actor stated he’s live at the new Canaan residential or commercial property with his family for virtually 20 years.

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Harry Connick Jr. And his mam Jill space asking $7.5 million for your Connecticut home. The living room consists of a cool piano that Mr. Connick stated he uses for practice; he likewise has a cool piano in the kitchen, which in reality ‘gets played a tiny bit more,’ because the family spends most of your time there.
Harry Connick Jr. And also his wife Jill room asking $7.5 million for their Connecticut home. The living room consists of a grand piano that Mr. Connick said he offers for practice; he likewise has a grand piano in the kitchen, which actually ‘gets play a tiny bit more,’ due to the fact that the family spends most of your time there.
Singer and actor bother Connick Jr. Is selling the Connecticut house where he is lived with his family for practically 20 years, questioning $7.5 million for the former dairy farm.

Mr. Connick and his wife Jill, a former Victoria’s an enig model, said they elevated their three daughters in ~ the brand-new Canaan property, located about 50 mile outside brand-new York City. The pair said they space selling since they love design and also architecture and are all set for a new project, back they declined to say wherein that will certainly be. "We wanted to shot something new," Mr. Connick said.

The 4.61-acre estate was once part of a huge dairy farm, stated the Connicks. The serves together their main home; they had previously live in brand-new York City however when it come time to raise their household they wanted "to stretch out a tiny bit" what "out that the limelight," Mr. Connick said.

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Purchased in 1998 for $1.54 million, follow to public records, the seven-bedroom, roughly 11,600-square-foot main house is a former barn dating ago to the 1890s. The Connicks spent around two years renovating the home after purchase it, using chestnut native the original structure to develop doors and also countertops. The life room has a around 25-foot-high ceiling and also a granite fireplace surround the Connicks made from a collection of measures that once caused a stream on the property.

Outside, the Connicks built a heated swim pool and also a pool residence with a cupola. Another former barn ~ above the property has a gym and also storage. "When the girls were younger we had some barn parties out there," Mr. Connick said. Another, smaller barn consists of a workspace because that Mr. Connick wherein he said he to write music.

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Mr. Connick, 49, is originally from new Orleans. The Grammy and also Emmy-award to win crooner is the host of "Harry," a syndicated, daytime TV entertainment present that will start its 2nd season this fall.

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The listing agents space April Kaynor and Kelly DeFrancesco of wilhelm Raveis genuine Estate, Mortgage & Insurance.