What is a Shunt Trip? A shunt pilgrimage is a machine designed come switch-off the circuit breaker remotely. Once energized, a shunt release instantaneously activates the circuit breaker device ensuring a fast disconnection indigenous the strength source.

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This an equipment is an optional accessory in a circuit breaker that will be powered externally and can be triggered thru PLC and any other relay for security purposes.
For example, a shunt trip set up in the key circuit breaker have the right to be integrated to a acting detector circuit to shut it off at the same minute the exhilaration detector root cause the fire alarm or the sprinklers.
As a result, it can reduce the potential damages to the surrounding electrical tools and likewise reduces the electric hazards caused by the fire.
There space still countless applications that can be integrated with the shunt-trip machine depending top top the requirements.

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How To attach a ShuntTrip? place the unit in the suitable place in the circuit breaker. Make sure that you have actually the specific specification that a shunt pilgrimage for a details circuit breaker that you have. After effectively installing the unit within the circuit breaker, affix the 2 terminals come its rated voltage having actually the move leg to the power source and the other leg come the neutral (in instance you are using L-N strength source). In instance of heat to heat service, you can put the switch leg to any type of of the lines.
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What is a Shunt Trip?
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