walk they have to give Jon a similar scar throughout his eye to the one Khal Drogo had? It doesn’t seem choose an accident. Exact same eye and everything.

I guess this might be a coincidence and also I’m pretty certain that the factor both of them have a scar running across their left eye is, in part, because it looks poor ass yet perhaps there is an ext to it than that.

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I wrote a write-up a when back about D*ny’s visions in the home of the Undying. The scar is just one of 4 things, that I’ve uncovered or heard of, that seems to link Khal Drogo come Jon in ~ D*ny’s story line. So much we have:

The Scar

D*ny reuniting v Drogo by cross the Wall

Jon coming ago from the dead

D*ny subconciously web links Jon to Drogo once talking about him with Tyrion (she mentions Jorah and also Daario also there however considering the various other pieces that connect Jon come Drogo, these 2 don’t seem together important)

I’m still not 100% certain what this is claimed to command up to yet I have the right to make an education guess. :)))

One the the things that yes, really stands the end in season 7 is D*ny’s fascination v Davos’ slip around Jon taking a knife to the heart for his people. She brings this increase twice afterwards in the show, as soon as when talk to Tyrion and the second time by asking Jon directly. And every one of this leads up to her see his scar top top the boat when he’s brought earlier from the wight hunt. They actually make that a point to show us her looking in ~ his scars.


I have to think this is intentional and also I can’t help but think that D*ny’s attention in Jon’s scar and also in learning that Jon has come back from the dead is about much more than her reasoning him special favor herself. I think this needs to do through Drogo and also the routine Mirri preformed on him in order to bring him earlier from the brink the death. Jon has done what Drogo failed to do and he was aided in this by a shadowbinder native Asshai, the same location where Mirri stated she learned the ritual she preforms on Drogo.

I think every one of these hints are there in order for D*ny to believe that Jon is, in some way, one embodiment the Drogo. He to be the love of she life, after ~ all, and also I don’t think she ever before moved past him and Jon seems to it is in the only guy she has discovered that she might think could live up to who Drogo remained in her mind.

I likewise find it interesting that the Ds made the selection to adjust D*ny’s partnership with Daario in the show. In the books, D*ny is really much in love/infatuated v Daario and also he is collected as a type of Drogo type character in she storyline. However in the show, they made it a suggest to have actually D*ny to speak she feeling nothing for him. Additionally chronologically, not long after the she meets Jon and also whatever she’s emotion for him, go a long method from“nothing”. Ns think they’re trying to uncomplicate the connection in between Jon and also Drogo within D*ny’s storyline

I’m no all the sure just how this will certainly play the end in the show, return I perform think it will come into play somehow, as soon as Melisandre is reintroduced right into the plot.

I likewise don’t think this parallel with Drogo is positive for the J0nereys relationship. And that’s because, as a person, Jon is about as far removed from Drogo together you have the right to get. Yet these relationships I think aid D*ny more her self-delusion that Jon loves her and also that their relationship is real. And also it will additionally come to a head as soon as the expose of Jon’s parentage and also real motivations happen.

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I’d in reality love if other world jump in top top this and perhaps theorize further due to the fact that I’m no 100% specific of the prominence of this connection or what this could mean because that season 8.