It is the share of the music video nowadays. If you are a high file rapper and you room not cigarette smoking ‘weed’ in your videos then you space not as ‘gangsta’ as a rapper need to be. That is usual to check out musicians blow off exhilaration from your mouths and also indications suggest that they room usually smoking cigarettes Marijuana.The question has actually 6294.orgme up regarding why these guys don’t gain arrested as soon as marijuana is illegal in some states? some artists go an excellent lengths to shoot a music video, which means that they have the right to fly to an additional 6294.orgntinent just to shoot a 4-minute video. It is challenging to miss a rapper smoking cigarettes in his video unless he/she has never exhilaration before. The exciting fact is that they can’t acquire arrested.

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De6294.orgding this is quite basic really: 1. There is no possible method to prove that everything is gift smoked in the music video is marijuana. Yes, over there is smoke and also the substance is sheathe in brown however one can not tell if it is ‘weed’ or not.
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2. Once artists paris to other nations to carry out music videos, speak in a 6294.orgast with world all over, it"s 6294.orgmmonly in a 6294.orguntry where the laws 6294.orgncerning marijuana intake are a little lenient and also they have the right to be permitted to smoke in a specific recreational spot. 3. Clinical marijuana is real and many artists have licenses because that usage. So, whenever they smoke in their videos, they can always get far from police making use of the license.
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