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View a map through driving directionsusing your desired map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You deserve to use to acquire the fulldriving distance from Phoenix come Yuma v directions.

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Driving street from Phoenix, AZ come Yuma, AZ

The total driving street from Phoenix, AZ to Yuma, AZ is 186 miles or 299 kilometers.

Your trip begins in Phoenix, Arizona. It end in Yuma, Arizona.

If you room planning a roadway trip,you might also want to calculate the total steering time indigenous Phoenix, AZ come Yuma, AZso you deserve to see when you"ll come at her destination.

You can also calculate the cost the driving from Phoenix, AZ to Yuma, AZ based upon currentlocal fuel prices and an calculation of your car"s best gas mileage.

If you"re meeting a friend, you can be interested in detect the city that is halfway between Phoenix, AZ and also Yuma, AZ.

Planning to paris a airplane instead?You could be more interested in calculating the straight linedistance come fly native Phoenix, AZ to Yuma, AZ.

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I-8 will take friend from Phoenix come Yuma, a city located in southwestern Arizona in the Sonoran Desert and the east shore that the Colorado River.Yuma’s warmth winter renders it perfect destination because that snowbirds and also anyone that loves outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, hunting, rock-climbing, boating and also trekking. Yuma has actually America’s largest complexes of national wildlife refuges. The Kofa national Wildlife Refuge, situated 40 miles north that Yuma is a location for camping and also hunting. You deserve to see desert tortoise, desert kit fox, bighorn sheep, American kestrel, white-winged dove, north flicker and an ext in the refuge. The most famous place come visit in Kofa is Palm Canyon whereby you can see aboriginal Arizona palm trees. Imperial National Wildlife Refuge is the ar to see egrets, muskrat, northern pintail, bighorn sheep, mule deer and more.Cibola national Wildlife Refuge, about 40 mile north that Yuma has desert tortoises, bobcats, coyotes and much more than 288 varieties of birds. A 3-mile auto tourism loop and also a 1-mile nature follow are obtainable for travellers to explore.Check the end for much more info top top the national wildlife refuges.