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We carry out our families with an open door policy. Please feel totally free to call us 24 hrs a day.

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We administer our family members with an open up door policy. Please feel totally free to call us 24 hours a day.

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Obituary because that Greg Coleman


On Friday, June 24th, at 3:15 p.m., Greg finished his battle with cancer. That stood increase & said holy Spirit provide me & Jesus stated It is finished! because that the previous 6 years, we as a household have stood along with Greg & battled this battle. From the beginning when the diagnosis come Greg & ns looked at each various other & stated we have actually heard the report, however we know God is ours healer, and for 6 year that covenant never changed. We refused to let cancer it is in our identification or our emphasis as we had bigger points to do, & God was in control.... That alone notified our actions & had a plan. We had actually life come live, three beautiful daughters to continue to raise, grandchildren to play through & guarantees from God that still needed to it is in fulfilled. Numerous of girlfriend knew Greg only as a minister that the gospel, however we knew Greg as a family man.... He love to laugh, watch our girls in their sports, school & church activities, take it "His 4 blondes" top top dates, fish, invest time at the beach, drive his bicycle, take it the girls to breakfast & school rides come & from college being silly & jamming the end in the car. He loved our "Family Shows" with the 5 of united state him playing etc & us all singing prayer songs in our life room. Our house was constantly a house where anyone was welcome & there was always one an ext seat obtainable at the table. An ext than anything he was proud that the family God has actually blessed us with. We were & room so proud the Greg. He showed us what true confidence really is. He never pushed his method to the front...... He knew God would make a means & God always did. Greg’s soul was gentle & type & humble. I constantly said he to be Clark Kent through day however turned right into Superman in the pulpit. It constantly amazed civilization to satisfy him ~ church due to the fact that he to be so soft talked & quiet. His confidence was in the Lord! Greg combated the many courageous battle. Plenty of nights sitting by his bed learning that he was holding ~ above God & God to be bringing that through. We knew till the vision the Lord provided him to be fulfilled he would be best where God wanted him. Greg knew he would preach come the nations & God fulfilled that through SBN & Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Greg went over there in maintain & v an possibility to play guitar & was over the moon to carry out it since he would do anything to have the possibility to minister. He was a senior Pastor for 20 years, yet he to be humble & ready to walk through every little thing door the Lord detailed for him to minister. God again elevated Greg increase & gave him what he promised. Greg reached more people in his first sermon ~ above SBN then in 40 years of set combined. God honored his humble love & heart for the lost. In the last 2 years countless people from throughout the world have been touched by Greg"s ministry & his courageous battle. That pointed people to Christ & fulfilled His calling. In the final two months, Greg & our household had time to laugh, love & it is in together. We had our "Family Show" in ~ the condo, walk boating, saw Disney, speak rollercoasters, & sat on the beach. Greg take it our girls on "Daddy - Daughter dates” & we shared several hugs & were thankful because that what God had actually done. God confirmed himself faithful.....He fulfilled His promises to Greg. Us rejoice the Greg is no longer in sickness or pain, and yet our hearts are broken & ache in places we didn"t recognize existed. We uncover ourselves wanting to text him, FaceTime him or simply hear his laugh. The love you have prolonged to Greg, Tayler, Abbie, Anna & I has been amazing. Her prayers & assistance have lugged us through the most daunting time we as a family members have ever faced. To every of you thanks is inadequate to express. We covet your ongoing love & support through the coming months. We haven"t shed Greg/Dad, us know precisely where he is. We carry him in our hearts & his fingerprints are all over us & each of you as he touched us all. Please understand every time friend play Greg"s cd or sing his tune Satan is beat & Greg’s ministry continues. He & ns talked around how the the adversary will never ever stop what God started in him. Again give thanks to you to every of you because that our part in our journey. Say thanks to you for your prayers & financial support. We love you & Greg particularly loved ministering come you. Love , Diane , Tayler, Abbie & Anna ________OBITUARY__________________________Reverend Greg Coleman, 60, the Navarre, Florida, passed away Friday June 24, 2016. Greg was born October 16, 1955, in Evansville, Indiana, come Norman and Jean Coleman. He prospered up v his 3 older sisters, Sandy Coleman Whitmer, Joyce Coleman (Jim) Miller, and also Debby Coleman (Harold) Cypret, and his younger brother, note (Kim) Coleman, in Cahokia, Illinois. Greg and his family members traveled the country as Assembly the God evangelists for many years. He was an ordained Assembly the God minister and also pastored The Harbor in ~ Holley Assembly that God for 19 years. Greg was a Presbyter for ar 3 through the Northwest Florida Assemblies of God. The was really active in the Navarre community with the YMCA and also the Navarre Youth sports Association by hosting the basketball regime at the Holley Dome for numerous years, i m sorry helped establish the community’s only youth basketball program. He was a large supporter to Navarre High School and also its many sports programs and also clubs. He opened up the doors that his church for practices, banquets, and award ceremonies for the totality of his pastoral job in Navarre. Greg to be a member that the Navarre rotary Club and was a starting co-sponsor that the communicate Club at Navarre High School. He managed the development of A.C.T.S. Ministries, one of the biggest benevolence programs in Northwest Florida. Greg to be a member that ASCAP together a songwriter, he has actually published countless Christian song that have been sung around the people by miscellaneous recording artists. Greg to be an Associate pastor at family Worship facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he sang, played guitar, and also preached over the SonLife transfer Network, reaching numerous viewers about the world. Greg was an completed studio musician and singer and played on countless recording projects for significant ministries and recording artist in the Christian Community.Greg to be married come Diane Phillips Coleman for 32 years; and also had four daughters, Amber Brooke Coleman, Tayler Coleman(Stuart) Baldick, Abbie Maegan Coleman, and also Anna Elizabeth Coleman. He to be an impressive Poppy to his grands, Jordyn Avery Baldick and Stuart "Wesley" Baldick IV. Greg has many nieces, nephews, and also family members the he love dearly. Greg was an significant father and also husband who proudest success was his family. Greg was came before in fatality by his father, Norman Eugene Coleman, and his oldest daughter, Amber Brooke Coleman.Service Information:Tuesday, June 28th, Graveside company at 2:00 p.m., in ~ the Milton Cemetery through Reverend Fred Rogers officiating. Family and also friends room invited to attend.Thursday, June 30th at 2:00 p.m., there will be a Memorial organization at family Worship center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, officiated by Reverend Joe Lay, Reverend Donnie Swaggart, and also Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. Family and friends room invited come attend. Acknowledgements:Our family members would prefer to thank Dr. Cutting board Tan, "Woodlands clinical Specialist", because that his tireless treatment for Greg and also going over and beyond all expectations. He is an ext than a care giver and also Oncologist; the is currently a treasured girlfriend to our family. Us would also like to give thanks to Candice from agreement Hospice, who listed incredible support, assistance, and also compassion. In leiu the flowers, donations deserve to be made to his Campaign, "Help pastor Greg".