Picture you yourself after a lengthy day in ~ work, kicking off her shoes and also wandering wearily right into the kitchen to pour a glass of her favorite wine. You certainly deserve the after putting out fires and also sitting in traffic, and also all it is left to execute is to pop the cork and fill the glass prior to settling right into your chair because that the night. You’re just a moment away from calling that a day together you progressive the glass to her lips and sip.

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And climate it access time you. Her wine tastes sour and also acrid, an ext like vinegar 보다 the mellow, complicated flavors girlfriend love.

If this has ever happened come you, you currently know among the dark secrets around your favorite vintage: wine definitely does expire.

Like noþeles natural, wine doesn’t live forever. Eventually, noþeles carbon-based — you, me, fruit and food — will certainly decay. Wine happens to last much longer than many things, but it also will eventually degrade as microorganisms start their slow process of consuming the nice party that you had actually hoped to reap yourself.

Fortunately, over there are ways to assist your wine critical longer and stay at its best. Knowledge a bit about how wine division down and some best practices for suitable storage of quality wines will help you protect against an unpleasant experience with a bottle gone bad.

Here’s what you have to know.


Before diving into specific expiration dates, it’s helpful to know a bit around the history of wine to know its ar in the food chain, so to speak. Alcohol is made v the process of fermentation, in which life yeast meets sugar and begins come eat. Together the yeast cell consume the street to live, they create alcohol together a byproduct. Eventually, the alcohol contents will end up being too high and kill the yeast, which stop the fermentation process.

Alcohol is really useful because that killing off other microorganisms, also — particularly bacteria. Because bacteria can’t thrive well in wine, it lasts much longer than many other fresh foods. Numerous years ago, alcohol was frequently safer to drink 보다 unsanitary water, and people maintained it around and also improved top top it end time.

Wine might last a while, yet it doesn’t critical forever. Shippers and traders discovered this as soon as attempting to send wine on long ocean journeys. Alas, the alcohol heated up and also continued to ferment, often turning into vinegar many thanks to spoilage brought about by acetobacter bacteria. These bacteria frequently get into wine when it’s exposed to air over long periods, together the wine in rickety wooden casks would have been. Over time, the bacteria consume the wine and create not more alcohol however acetic acid, or vinegar, instead.

While red wine vinegar deserve to be yummy, shippers started to include liquor to their casks to store bacteria in ~ bay and to prevent all fermentation processes. This wines came to be known as fortified wines, and also you deserve to still drink them now in the form of port, sherry and also madeira. Fortified wines to be designed to withstand months of adverse problems without refrigeration.

Fortunately, today’s shipping practices are much faster, and your wine doesn’t need to languish in ~ sea because that months at a time to acquire to your doorstep. The still won’t last forever, though, and many wines room meant to it is in consumed fairly young. Only the sturdiest the red wines v the highest alcohol content have any kind of chance of being cellared — the sophisticated oenophile word because that storage — for years in ~ a time to let them age.

Bad alcohol is usually easy to recognize. First, take it a sniff. If the sleep of the alcohol reeks an ext of vinegar than of the fruity aromas you were expecting, or if you smell a foul odor, you probably don’t have to taste the at all to know that it’s unable to do off and should it is in discarded.

If you’re no certain, to water the wine into a glass and have a look. Sparkling wine should have actually visible carbonation, and also bubbles must rise gradually to the surface. Red and also white wine must be translucent when organized up to the light. If the shade has rotate brown or the wine shows up thick or opaque, the a sign that it has oxidized or otherwise spoiled.

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If you important don’t desire to let the wine go without a taste, take a cautious sip. Wines that taste choose vinegar or space overly bitter, cake or musty space spoiled and also should be discarded. There are as many flavors of bad wine together bacteria that break castle down, but none that them will certainly be pleasant.