Chihuahua puppies are very delicate and needs lots of care, an especially as newborns in the first couple of 4 main of your life. Their eyes space still close up door shut, therefore they can easily fall and injure themselves. Lock are completely dependent top top their mommy so when deserve to you intend your Chihuahua puppies’ eyes to open?

When perform Chihuahua puppies open up their eyes? Chihuahua puppies’ eye open in between 10 and 14 work after birth. Despite the eyes no longer being closed, eyesight will remain poor, and also they will just really check out their mother and siblings. Chihuahua eye won’t clear completely for complete vision till the 8-week point.

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When carry out Chihuahua puppies’ ear open?

But what around their ears and also hearing?

Whilst Chihuahua puppies’ eyes open up through the 14th day, the ears don’t fully open up until simply afterwards. It can be a few days prior to the ears completely open permitting them to hear properly, commonly at roughly 3 weeks of age.

Before these 2 points in your development, Chihuahua puppies deserve to only navigate their new world making use of the power of scent. Born deaf and also blind, it i will not ~ be long prior to they space scampering about exploring every the brand-new and amazing things the civilization can offer.

It won’t it is in long prior to the Chihuahua puppy’s eye open and they begin exploring! picture via Pixabay.

Chihuahua puppy advance timeline

Now you understand when Chihuahua puppies open up their eyes and also ears, how about a much more detailed timeline the the advance stages. Chihuahua puppies have the right to expect come go with the adhering to phases.

Please note, this is generic. Not all puppies will certainly follow these development steps exactly.

Day 10: Eyes start to open, however with limited vision.Day 21: Possibly beginning take their first steps and also baby teeth begin to appear.Day 28: can start little running patterns and also have hard food introduced.Day 35: most puppies will certainly now be able to run with a full set of puppy teeth.Day 56: by the 8 hours week they will have clear eyesight and can leave their mother.Day 70: eyes will adjust to the irreversible coloration.

Do Chihuahua puppies eyes adjust color?

That last step on the advance phase is interesting isn’t it? Yes, the eye of your Chihuahua puppy will actually adjust color together they get older. They will additionally lose their infant teeth, and grow adult ones!

Most Chihuahua puppies space born with blue eyes, or at least a paler version of their last color. Regardless, by 10 come 16 weeks old, her Chihuahua puppy’s eyes will certainly have changed color to their permanent shade.

The reasons your Chihuahua puppy’s eyes change color is since during your first couple of months that life their eye’s iris has no melanin. Together they grow, the melanin concentration increases, leading to the final shade change.

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Do Chihuahua puppies born v their eyes closed?

Back to the main topic, and also there’s a an excellent reason why her Chihuahua was born v his or she eyes closed. The all down to evolution and also survival, harking ago to the days as soon as dogs to be still wolves life in packs.

According come the Psychology this day website (read source), a mom would uncover hunting and also survival really hard if she had actually to invest a long time moving a litter of puppies.

It stands come reason, that a complete belly of pups would slow her down, do her breakable to prey and also limiting her capability to discover food. This is a quote native the referenced article:

“Getting the pups the end of the womb and onto the ground easily is one advantage. In addition, between hunts (which can be spaced work apart) there is not much to do, therefore the female has time to treatment for helpless infants. When she is the end pursuing food, the pups have the right to be safely stored in a den.”

Because that this, wolf (which then advanced into dogs) would offer birth prior to the offspring had the time to completely develop. This means that the puppy was ceded into the big wide world prior to he had the time to develop full eyesight and also hearing in the womb.

The benefit being, the mommy would not have actually to continue to support and also get also bigger and slower with farming puppies within of her.

Fast forward to today, and also this method that the gestation period of a Chihuahua is reasonably short, coming it somewhere in between 58 and also 68 days. In reality, it can be longer enabling for she puppies to open their eyes and also ears… but instead, they space born without the advancement of a full collection of senses.

When have the right to Chihuahua puppies leave their mother?

Another facet I put on the advancement phases timeline to be guidance on once the puppies have the right to leave your mother. Obviously, the imperative that the Chihuahua’s eyes and ears space open fully and functional before this happens.

The recommended age for any type of puppy to leave their mom is no sooner 보다 8 main or 2 month of age. Through this allude their senses space developed, they have actually been weaned turn off the mom milk, and they have the right to be an ext independent.

Please don’t ever take a Chihuahua puppy away from their mother prior to this point. It’s hugely irresponsible and also can bring about health and also mental breakthrough issues because that the puppy.

Handy Hint: The ears are an additional interesting facet to the Chihuahua’s puppy development. Frequently the ears will stand up after 15 weeks, yet not always. Here’s my guide to what to mean with floppy or erect ears.


During the very first two weeks of life, Chihuahua puppies don’t actually need to have the ability to see and also hear in stimulate to acquire along. The mother will keep them safe and also secure, and also they have the right to latch onto her by instinct because of smell and also touch alone.

Being totally deaf and also blind for 2 weeks no present any kind of real problems for them, giving they space in a safe setting in your home… e.g. A bed and den far from any hazards and also suitably enclosed.

Once the two-week phase passes, the advancement of the Chihuahua puppies will certainly be really quick. Their eyes will certainly open, hearing will develop, and also they will move easily about. You can even hear lock making some little bark noises in ~ the 5-week point!

Being able to move way they will desire to go and explore what the human being has come offer. Their sense will come to life, with them being able come see and also hear all that’s around them in your home – definition they will likewise start to take on their very own individual characters.

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It’s truly a magical in the development of a Chihuahua puppy, and also when they open up their eyes, simply imagine what it have to be favor for castle too!

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