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IF the items is in as an excellent of form as I suppose it to be.......... 2 weeks waiting would certainly be simply fine with me!! finger X-d
Small package from Israel come Olympia, WA, in 11-12 days. Very it Monday, ordered the 1/19. ---A

Just out of curiosity......... Its now been 16 work now and still havent received item native Israel......... Need to I i think it"s shed in transit...... Organized up in customs or need to I wait a couple of more days yet to watch if it arrives?
I had actually a watch sent out from Tel Aviv to NYC once and also it took 17 days. Save in mind the united state just had actually a long holiday weekend and also the USPS was closed saturday, sunday and monday. The would have delayed every packages a little bit longer than usual.
Just out of curiosity......... Its now been 16 job now and still havent got item from Israel......... Should I i think it"s shed in transit...... Organized up in custom-mades or should I wait a couple of more days however to view if the arrives?
That dosent it seems to be ~ that lengthy Rene as soon as you think how long i have actually been waiting for that dial you transport

Say it v love, speak it v flowers however never, never, to speak it in writing.In an ideal world world would referee watches because that what they are, no for what the brand is yet unfortunately we space in a people where much more people care about the brand 보다 what"s behind it. Superficiality over substance.

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Just an FYI...I purchase a watch from a other forum member in Spain critical month. It shipped the next day and was trackable together of Jan-15. Simply arrived at my PO in the says today. The was never lost and also both Correos and also the USPS knew wherein it to be at every times. Just took a loooooong if to obtain through everything.It"s a challenging wait, however its more than likely not time come sweat just yet. Hang in there!
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