Hi all -I"ve acquired an old-ish water softener in the basement v a mechanical timer. It"s on a devoted 15a circuit. (Single outlet, just for the softener.) Plugging in my kill-a-watt shows that the timer peaks in ~ 3 watts. It"s a dumb-as-bricks unit, the timer spins till it"s time to click the valve open for regeneration and also then that clicks shut.Is there any type of reason the it requirements to be specialized and ns cannot expand this circuit for various other outlets? I"d replace it through a duplex GFCI and then operation some roamex romex for an additional outlet in other places in the basement? i think I"m doing fill calculations, wire sizing, etc. Follow to spec.Thanks!edit: corrected romex spelling. Offered to occupational on a cellular system dubbed RoamEx. Old habits die hard.

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The timer uses a wall wart or is it 120vac to the timer?If it"s just a wall surface wart, ns wouldn"t execute GFCI. One more thing to go wrong.
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The timer uses a wall surface wart or is it 120vac to the timer?It it"s simply a wall surface wart, ns wouldn"t carry out GFCI. One much more thing to go wrong.

Giving the wiring in the timer and also connections, I would say that the timer isn"t in reality that old (relatively). The wire vintage shown that that is at least from the 80"s if no newer. The newest patent on there is dated at least "81 for"This development relates come the controls for a water conditioning device with an operation valve having actually a streamlined drive mechanism and a brine valve do from plastic materials and readily assembled because that adaptability come softener systems of assorted sizes and having flexible coupling method which enable rigid plumbing parts to be connected with the plastic valve assembly."The timer shows up to be part of the softener system itself, prior to they come up with the digital controls friend see today (late 80"s).
Even if it dates to "83, that would make that 30 years old. No too many appliances critical that long - indeed, i think it"s gained elder standing in my house.Makes me feel really old speak that!... Old enough that a) it"s fully mechanical (no circuit boards)B) well-built;C) reliable;D) works good and in no need of replacement.I in reality appreciate it because that what it is ... Mechanical beauty the a time unable to do by. No require for anything much more complex.
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Is there any type of reason the it demands to be specialized and i cannot expand this circuit for various other outlets?

Basement? solitary outlet? devoted circuit? it was compelled to it is in the way it is by code before 2008 NEC. Prior to then, unfinished basement outlets had to be protected by GFCI uneven they were not readily easily accessible or if they were a simplex (or duplex) outlet with one (or two) gadgets that were not easily moved. Furnaces, sump pumps, fridge/freezer were were frequently used examples. I"d think a water softener would count together well. That exception was eliminated in the 2008 password cycle and also the outlets should be GFCI no issue what.I don"t view why friend couldn"t expand it if you transform the outlet right into a GFCI protected one and add additional outlets downstream.
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I don"t see why girlfriend couldn"t prolong it if you transform the outlet into a GFCI defended one and add additional outlets downstream.

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I don"t view why girlfriend couldn"t extend it if you convert the outlet right into a GFCI safeguarded one and include additional outlets downstream.

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That was my reasoning as well. Bigger 보다 the GFCI, the key question was usually whether a water softener warrants a dedicated 15a circuit, and if its attract is really much less than 5 watts, why?If i can extend it, it"ll save me from pulling a new circuit from the panel, i beg your pardon is a major PITA. (The panel is on the outside wall of the garage, therefore I"d have to go indigenous the garage, into the attic, down a common wall into the basement, open up the autumn ceiling, and also drill v joists since they run perpendicular come the direction I need to go.)Much easier if I deserve to just expand the water softener"s circuit.