When i was a teen, ns was shocked through a girl who had actually a pacemaker. Human being have called me in the past that it's impossible to be impacted by someone's pacemaker, due to the fact that the current wouldn't affect me since the pacemaker wasn't installed in mine body. However, as soon as the thing zapped me i was literally within her throughout sex, for this reason there's that. I constantly thought the was due to the voltage/wattage of the machine that listed that unforgettable pain to my brain, yet now I'm finding out that it's Amps that kill you and not the voltage. Usually speaking, what is the traditional amperage the a defibrillator or a pacemaker? In hindsight, am ns lucky to be alive, or to be it naught in the grand system of electricity? thanks in advance!

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This is joke? ns don't think pacemakers work-related like that. I'm under the impression they space low voltage, small battery it is provided devices.

A defibulator is a different beast entirely and also can kill (but once you use them, the different is details death).

I might be wrong, my only credential is wilderness first responder training.

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You're correct. Technically, a defibrillator's function is to stop the heart. It's only supplied when a love isn't beating appropriately (tiny, shallow beats, kinda like it's acquired a spastic cramp in basic terms), and also the shock contracts the heart and stops it for a couple of seconds. Then you hope to her favorite divine being at the minute that the patient's heart starts beating again ~ above its own. Just be prepared to do compressions, and know that the human being was dead before you obtained there. CPR and AED devices only bring people back about 10% the the time.

Source: BLS and AED certification, and also working on gaining my BLS maintain certification.

And OP probably obtained a revolution shock from rubbing his feet on she bare mattress. Following time, dude...take off her socks.

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Electrical Engineer
When i was a teen, ns was shocked by a girl who had actually a pacemaker.

You didn't acquire shocked by her pacemaker.

if you gained shocked because you were "inside her", she would certainly have gotten shocked together well--and probably had a heart-involved episode.

if you got shocked in this manner, your brain would have actually been a far 2nd place in regards to pain--you would have both felt the in that most tender the places. There is no better conductive path in the human body 보다 a huge patch of electrolytic mucous membranes squeezed lovingly against each other.

You experienced, in ~ best, an inexplicable coincidence.

People have actually told me in the past that it's difficult to be impacted by someone's pacemaker due to the fact that the current wouldn't affect me because the pacemaker wasn't mounted in mine body.

They're right, yet for the not correct reasons.

I constantly thought that was due to the voltage/wattage the the machine that listed that unforgettable pain to my brain, yet now I'm finding out that it's Amps that death you and not the voltage.

It's voltage/v, wattage/p, and also amperage/i (for measurements), or volts/V, watts/W and amperes/amps/A (for units). Girlfriend don't mix the two.

Wattage (power) is a mix of voltage (potential) and amperage (current), so that statement is type of half wrong in both ways.

Technically it's the present that kills you, however, the human body is basically a resistive linear element, and most power resources we encounter room voltage sources, therefore those two facts typical it's usually a voltage i m sorry is "driving" the current. That is, there room very few devices you have the right to stick your finger into and constantly get 1 amp of ticklish delight, however there space plenty of things you can stick any variety of appendages into which will always deliver 120 V (for example) and if you space conductive enough (which nobody is), will do so in ~ 1 A.

Generally speaking, what is the standard amperage of a defibrillator or a pacemaker?

Again, together above, as battery-powered devices, pacemakers don't have actually a "standard amperage". Quite they have actually a (mostly) constant-voltage battery i m sorry is provided in part clever way to create the power required to nudge a heartbeat in the appropriate direction.

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Even if she had actually a auto battery in her va-jay-jay, and you two were performing a jacuzzi ballet, friend still wouldn't feel much more than a few milliamps. Given /u/PM_SIDEBOOB_PLEASE's research, in ~ 7.5 V, you could expect around 300 μA the currrent hand-to-hand, assignment of magnitued below the 20-50 mA taken into consideration lethal.

Most electrical accidents experienced by civilization with normal risk exposure (non-electricians) are due to

extremely high voltage (lightning bolt, fallen strength lines, to run a automobile into a transformer)

60 Hz AC across the chest interferring through your sinus rythym (like a negative pacemaker) bring about tachycardia