When you’re a potential homeowner building a new home, setting up the framing is the an initial step to bringing your blueprints to life. A home’s framework is basically its skeleton, and also it’s an important to sustaining all the various other elements.

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The most usual material because that framing a residence is lumber. However, stole may likewise be used and is becoming much more and more popular comparted with wood frames. No matter which one girlfriend choose, it will serve the same purpose: a base for the flooring, roofing, windows, doors, and also insulation of the home.

Below you'll discover what’s connected in framing a new home, the best materials come use, and how much it commonly costs (includingthe different determinants that can impact pricomg) so the you have the right to make the ideal choices for her build.


If you’re thinking about building a dream home like this modern-day Farmhouse layout home, you’ll surely be concerned about cost, which has framing costs. There space a the majority of details connected in framing a home that can affect cost, some you can control, part you more than likely can’t.

How come Framea House

Once your home’s structure is completed, it’s time to begin framing. The most popular an approach is platform-frame construction, in which wall surfaces sit on top of subflooring. If your residence has an ext than one level, then it’s developed one story at a time, with each floor serving as a platform because that the one above it. Next, there are wall surface studs and also ceiling and floor joists around every 16 or 24 inches along the floor. Then comes the sheathing come add an ext protection come the structure – and finally, the roof. Read much more about possibilities because that roof frames in your build.

How lot Do products Cost?

The price of framing products depends top top the material you choose, wood or steel.

Lumber Costs

A common 2,000-square-foot residence uses nearly 16,000 board feet of lumber and 6,000 square feet of structural panels like plywood. Hardwood prices have actually risen steadily in current years due to restrictions on timber harvesting in the Pacific Northwest, do the frame of a residence a costly component of structure construction projects. Close to the end of 2020, the mean price was increasing above $600 every 1,000 plank feet. What’s more, lumber prices have gone off the charts because the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the most current graph of cost estimates, please click here.



Steel Costs

Light construction structural steel is ending up being a popular alternate to lu,ber in parts of the U.S. This materialis fabricated turn off site and delivered and also erected on website quickly; itmay expense less than lumber, specifically when you variable in labor and also the extreme price of lumber lugged on by impacts of Covid-19. Based on current information from United says Steel, a steel frame house has an average cost between $9.50 and $11 every square foot, definition that the complete cost because that a 2,000 square foot residence falls between $19,000 and $22,000. That course, fabrication, delivery and also assembly costs are additional.


This view of a Ranch layout home framed out in stole on a concrete slab foundation is a good example of structure steel offered for light residential construction(Plan #117-1143).

What space the other Costs associated with frame a House?

Besides the timber (or steel) youll should erectthe house, youll have to factor in at least 4 other variables simply to obtain the skeleton that the home up: dimension of the home, kind of framing, job costs, and sheathing material.

Square footage of house Plan

A big home means greater lumber or stole costs because you don’t commonly get bulk discounts (unless you’re a an excellent negotiator). Therefore make sure your building just what girlfriend need and also within her means.If you’re unsure around the amound to an are to setup out, read our overview on identify how many sqaure feet friend need.

Type that Frame

There’s more than one type of home framing to choose from, back by far the most renowned is typical platform pole framing. We’ve already mentioned steel framing, but a renowned wood framing technique is a rigid structure system like timber frame or pole frame (both composed of large dimensional linear elements like beams and also columns). Strict framing requires fewer – however larger – framing members and is an ext expensive 보다 platform framing.


Carpentry labor prices are necessary to take into consideration when frame a house, andthey have the right to vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the house. Numerous hands do for quick work yet possibly a larger price tag, depending on how the crew the framers work together. A smaller, fine tuned crew might be much more efficient.

Consider whether you will certainly hire framers straight to aid in the build, or if you will hire one general contracting agency that has a team the its own framers or works with subcontractors. It’s most most likely that you’ll occupational with a basic contractor that will it is in in charge, and also he or she will know the going hourly rate and also approximately how numerous man-hours will be forced for the job.

For basic estimating, carpentry expenses may be designated by square-foot prices. The pre-Covid national typical rate for framing labor, because that example, to be $6 come $8 per square foot, which equates intoa short of nearly $10,000 for a 1,600-square-foot home and$24,000 because that a 3,000-square-foot house.


Framing labor cost, frequently calculated ~ above a per-square-foot communication of the perfect house, is crucial to element in, and interestingly, comes out to much less than product cost, specifically considering post-Covid lumber and also building products inflation (photo credit: United claims Army, publicly Domain).


Sheathing is an exterior barrier attached to the framing of a home. It serves to combine the insulation the the wall surface and carry out a nailing base because that the siding.

It’s frequently made of plywood (although there room other choices exterior wall surface sheathing options)and can include to the costs associated with framing. Describe “Structural Panel” in the Cost of hardwood in a 3,000-Square-Foot House table above.

Are over there Any additional Costs come Consider?

Yes, there space a variety of contributing expense factors come think about when framinga house. We’ve noted just a few that might use to you below. Friend should also use our cost-free cost-to-build estimator tool for a fuller picture of what to expect as you produce your budget.

The complexity of the residence Plan

A simple design is walking to be a lot much less expensive than a facility one. Therefore if you’re trying to save money, look for a floor plan that has actually a straightforward rectangular shape for the outline, or perimeter, that the house. Bump outs, straight walls, bay and box windows, and also the like include to the intricacy of the frame – and the home building and construction costs – of the residence structure. For this reason the an ext unique attributes your residence has, the larger your expense estimates – and budget – need to be.



This 1152-square-foot an easy Southern residence floor arrangement with carport (top) has clean, straight exterior lines and a relatively open floor setup (Plan #123-1018). That is size and features would naturally require less framing compared with a more complicated custom home,like this one (bottom), which has bump-outs, curves, offset lines, and also lots that in-and-out jutting(Plan #198-1001).

If You add an In-law Suite

These “homes-within-the-home” are stylish accommodations because that in-laws, return children, or overnight/weekend guests. And, lock come in all shapes and also sizes - native a garage studio apartment come a first-floor master bedroom, a refinished basement, or a small cottage top top the grounds of the major residence.

As they room so customizable, the price to incorporate themvaries greatly.


When frame a house, things like windows or electrical panels (and pipes, ducts, etc.) are referred to as “obstructions.” every obstruction comes v its own distinct considerations and also special frame requirements, i beg your pardon can cause costs come fluctuate.

New framework vs. Replacing Framing

If you are replacing enlarge framing, either in totality or in part, fairly than building brand-new construction entirely, you’ll also have to think about demolition costs on peak of the of materials and also installation. This “extra step” have the right to drive up costs.

Adding Rooms

If you’re keen for a media room, residence office, or extra bedroom, the price of framing the residence will walk up in line with the square footage, as lumber or steel prices don’t frequently come with a bulk-buying discount (unfortunately). If you desire to manage the price of the frame – and the home – then you need to control the square footage and also build just what you think you need without shortchanging your family, now or in the future. (See "Square clip of house Plan" above.)


If you have actually a basement foundation with your house plan and you want it finished, that will include to the framing cost of the house beyond the original square foot calculations of the home. Inaddition, frame basements typically presents unique difficulties like guarding versus water intrusion/flooding, condensation, and mold and also mildew. Be certain your builder is fine versed in the methods and technology of building belowground – and the costs involved.


The type of garage you like for your home can influence the expense to frame your house. For example, there will certainly be variable costs included for a detached garage vs attached garages, as well as how many automobile spaces friend need.

There room dozens of means to develop a garage – so connected prices will vary.


Three-car garages are almost becoming the share these days, even for modest houses like this 1,699-sq-ft Ranch style home (Plan #187-1173). Keep in mind, though, that larger garages drive up the price of the home.

Tips because that Hiring a general Contractor to frame your House

When hiring a contractor to structure your house, it’s necessary to go v your gut.

Much like picking a genuine estate agent, doctor, or service mentor, you desire to go with someone that you gain along with, respects you, and most important (in a contractor’s case) is licensed to work-related in your area and is totally insured.

When collecting quotes, it’s a great idea to seek out builders who specialization in your project type. That is, you wouldn’t desire someone who typically remodels kitchens to carry out the frame of your brand-new home. Take a look at at their portfolio and also be certain to have actually a an extensive contract in ar before any type of work begins.

Frequently request Questions

What are the framing prices per square foot when building a house?

As mentioned above, residence framing prices vary through material. They variety from about $10 every square foot to almost double that recently due to the fact that of the pandemic. You should additionally factor in a labor price of $8 or much more per sq ft.

Learn more about building and construction cost considerations when building a home.

How long should frame a house take?

It depends. This could be everyone’s least favorite answer, yet it important does depend.

For example, let’s to speak you have hired a contractor v a large fleet of trained house framers or framing contractors and also the framing because that the exterior walls and interior wall surfaces arrives on site pre-assembled. In this scenario, everything could be finished in a couple of days.

However, if the framing requirements to it is in assembled on site, or if there are fewer framers to assist, or even if the weather is poor (snow, rain, etc.) things can drag on because that months.

To avoid surprises, speak to her contractor around your build’s specifics.

Should you obtain multiple estimates prior to you pick a contractor?

Yes, it can only help you to seek multiple estimates. Girlfriend should constantly see what’s the end there because that any form of home structure (or house improvement) project.

There aren’t really any kind of downsides to shopping around. In a worst situation scenario, you might discover the your an initial quote to be in truth the ideal one and you spent an ext time looking than you essential to.However, obtaining multiple price quotes can also assist you in negotiating the ideal offer and also getting a feel for exactly how multiple builders work -- so you have the right to really pick your favorite.

For much more tips, check our advice on how to choose the best home builder.

Are there other alternatives besides lumber to structure a house?

Yes. As mentioned, steel is also a burgeoning product for frame homes and other buildings, yet they space not the just two options.

Concrete is also an option – either conventional concrete-block building or ICF (insulated concrete form) building in i m sorry concrete is poured right into rigid foam insulation creates that continue to be in place and also become part of the wall. Concrete’s strength provides it a an excellent choice for earthquake-prone areas. Over there has also recently been a climb in using alternate recycled materials to kind the frame of a house, favor shipping containers.

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Determining the cost to structure a home entails a variety of steps and making many decisions around itemssuch as size of home, framing materials, sheathing materials, timeframe, and also the likeup front. However the initiative will be worth it when it come time to placed a spending plan together because that the entire build of your new dream home!

Footnote: The lead photo of this write-up is that a house under building and construction thats in the midst of gift framedwith dimensional hardwood in the platform frame method. The house is situated in Katy, Texas (photo credit: Wood-Framed home by Jaksmata under patent CC BY-SA 3.0).