Shipping an entire pallet or skid of practice bottled water is really the most economical method to purchase the product. Back we sell the flexibility to order a smaller sized amount of cases than what fits on a pallet when you stimulate a full pallet you space taking benefit of a pair of things:

Pallet pricing is flat pricing. That method you salary the same if you placed 10 instances on a pallet or 100. Girlfriend take benefit of lowering the per instance shipping cost.

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Tiered pricing. The pricing is based upon quantity so the more cases you purchase the less they room per case. Taking benefit of a full pallet put the case cost in ~ a lower amount.Less chance for damage. Shipping instances of bottled water top top a pallet makes them an ext secure 보다 shipping continuous ground service. When cases are stacked on a pallet and shrink wrapped lock are an ext secure and also protected 보다 an individual situation moving through the freight carriers system.

How Many instances Of Water to the right On A Pallet?

Pallet pricing for shipping custom bottled water normally starts make economical sense around 30 come 40 cased depending upon the location. That said though we deserve to fit the following quantities on a pallet.

8 oz. Bottles we deserve to fit as much as 120 situations on a pallet. That amounts to 2,880 bottles.12 oz. Party we have the right to fit approximately 84 instances on a pallet. That equals 2,016 bottles.16.9 oz. Party we deserve to fit approximately 72 instances on a pallet. That equates to 1,728 bottles.


We use standard dimension wood pallets that measure 40" x 48" that weigh between 35 come 45 lbs.

Ordering A Pallet of practice Labeled Bottled Water.

You can conveniently order a pallet that your very own private labeled bottled water online. Friend simply select the bottle size, instance amount and also click "customize it". The next step is to style your water party label and also checkout. It"s the simple. Native there your order will be printed, labeled, palletized and also shrink covering witch take away 7 come 9 business days. After that your pallet of water will ship. Shipping top top a pallet takes from 1 to 5 company days relying on where we space shipping to however most places are 3 come 4 job in transit.

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If you have additional questions or need extr information around ordering a pallet of water please acquire a hold of us using the contact information found in the footer of the website here. We can accommodate all sorts of demands from multiple pallet orders come shipping pallets to trade shows or conventions.