Chapter 2

The novel has irregular thing numbering, together the chapter number are only prime numbers.

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It’s 7 minutes previous midnight as soon as the story begins. The specific time is given since details prefer that are vital to the narrator, Christopher Boone, a fifteen year old boy through autism. Learning the time help him feeling safe. Christopher note the time and also the event, a dog is lie dead on the lawn with a pitchfork with its body. The dog’s name is Wellington. Christopher immediately wants to know who killed it.

Chapter 2 Quotes

The dog to be dead. There to be a garden fork sticking the end of the dog. (Christopher Boone) thing 2

Chapter 3

Christopher declares the is an excellent at numbers and also geography. He can name resources of the world however he can’t recognise face expressions. His teacher, Siobhan, has attracted faces on a web page to help, however he ultimately abandons the guide.

Chapter 3 Quotes

My name is Christopher man Francis Boone. I recognize all the nations of the world and their capital cities and every element number as much as 7,507. Chapter 3

I obtained Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and also then 6294.orgpose down next to them exactly what castle meant. I kept the item of paper in mine pocket and took that out once I didn’t understand what someone to be saying. But it was very an overwhelming to decide which the the diagrams was most like the confront they were making because people’s encounters move very quickly. Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Returning 6294.orge the story, Christopher clears the pitchfork indigenous the dog. Christopher defines why he likes dogs, because they space honest and can’t lie. Granny Shears, the dog’s owner, appears from in ~ the house and is yelling. Christopher can’t abide the yelling and puts his hands end his ears and curls up on the lawn. This additional gives insight into facets of Christopher’s character, affected through his being on the autism spectrum.

Chapter 5 Quotes

I like dogs. You constantly know what a dog is thinking. The has 4 moods. Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. Chapter 5

Also, dogs space faithful and also they perform not call lies due to the fact that they can not talk. Chapter 5

I do not like civilization shouting in ~ me. It renders me scared that they room going 6294.orge hit me or touch me and I do not recognize what is going to happen. Chapter 5

Chapter 7

It is revealed the the leader is analysis the story 6294.orgposed by Christopher, a story that his teacher had said he write. It will certainly be prefer a murder mystery, due to the fact that Christopher likes the genre and also sees it choose solving puzzles; that enjoys Sherlock Holmes’ novels choose The Hound that the Baskervilles.

Chapter 7 Quotes

Siobhan claimed that the publication should begin with something 6294.orge grab people’s attention. The is why I began with the dog. I likewise started v the dog since it happened to me and also I discover it hard to imagine things which did not take place to me. Chapter 7

Chapter 11

Returning 6294.orge the overarching narrative, the police arrive and question Christopher. Typically speaking, the likes the police due to the fact that of the order and logic that surrounds them; they have actually a uniform, they have numbers and also Christopher to know what castle are claimed to do. Christopher begins answering the questions yet as there space too many, he be6294.orges overwhelmed and also rolls into a sphere on the lawn again. The police officer bring away him and Christopher strikes the officer. Over there is no malice in the act and also this is seen as the reader developing an expertise of Christopher. The first person narrative gives valuable insight right into the mental of the young character.

Chapter 11 Quotes

I like policemen, too, and I want to answer the inquiry properly, but the policeman did not give me enough time to job-related out the correct answer. chapter 11

Then the police arrived. I choose the police. They have uniforms and also numbers and also you know what they are meant to be doing. Chapter 11

Chapter 13

More exposition into the kind of book Christopher is writing and, in turn, further understanding the the author. He defines there won’t be any jokes due to the fact that he doesn’t recognize them. He especially dislikes puns and also exploitation of a word’s double meaning.

Chapter 13 Quotes

This will not be a funny book. I cannot tell jokes because I carry out not recognize them. chapter 13

Chapter 17

The police officer explains he is arresting Christopher. Rather than gift alarmed, this in reality calms Christopher together this is what police are an alleged to say according to the movies he has actually seen. Top top the method to the station, Christopher looks the end the window at the cars. That ponders the size and also shape that the universe, relenten it as a disc. He mirrors some sound expensive knowledge around the milky method which appears out of place in the situation; this disparity in between situation and response is typical of the narrator and symptomatic of the autism spectrum.

Chapter 17 Quotes

This do me feel a lot of calmer because it is what policemen to speak on television and also in films. Chapter 17

Chapter 19

There is lastly an explanation because that why the chapters have been numbered irregularly, the they are all element numbers, and an explanation regarding what element numbers represent. Christopher thinks that prime numbers are similar to life, in that they’re logical, but no one can figure out the rules the govern them. Between this and the previous chapter’s explanation of the universe, we check out that Christopher shows genuinely advanced knowledge for his age. This is currently juxtaposed with his lack of ability to negotiate the meeting with the police officer.

Chapter 19 Quotes

Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the trends away. Ns think prime numbers are choose life. Castle are very logical yet you might never occupational out the rules, also if you invested all your time thinking about them. (Christopher Boone) thing 19

Chapter 23

The next understanding of Christopher 6294.orge at the police station once he empties his pockets on 6294.orgmand and also describes every article in good detail. That shows just how meticulous his mind is and also how he enjoys the observance the details. On being put in the cell, that is struck by the truth it is nearly a perfect cube and also is rather 6294.orgforted by the symmetry. That refuses 6294.orge surrender his clock as understanding of the exact time is essential to his world. He marvels if grandm Shears has actually lied and told the police he eliminated Wellington the dog. Unconcerned because that himself, he think Mrs Shears might go 6294.orge jail for lying to the police.

Chapter 23 Quotes

I was additionally wearing mine watch and they wanted me to leaving this at the desk also but I claimed that I needed to keep my watch on since I required to know specifically what time that was. And also when they tried to take it turn off me ns screamed, therefore they permit me keep it on. Chapter 23

It was nice in the police cell. Chapter 23

Chapter 29

Christopher reveals that metaphors such together ‘He was the apple of she eye’ or ‘We had a actual pig that a day’ stroked nerves him as they no truthful. This is essential as reality is far-ranging to Christopher and also a pervasive theme in his writing. He additionally mentions the he finds civilization confusing because they often 6294.orgmunicate nonverbally.

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Chapter 29 Quotes

Mother provided to say the it meant Christopher was a nice name because it was a story around being kind and helpful, but I carry out not want my name to median a story around being kind and also helpful. I want my surname to mean me. Chapter 29

Chapter 31

Christopher’s father arrives at the police station. Lock greet each various other in a unique means by stop up your hands with their finger outspread, permitting their finger to touch. Christopher describes that lock greet each various other this method because the does not prefer to be hugged. This deteriorate is symbolic the the connection in that Christopher’s dad has uncovered a method to express his love in a method that Christopher have the right to receive. Christopher is exit after a stern warning, a warning the Christopher will certainly remember and that will influence his later decisions.

Chapter 31 Quotes

He organized up his right hand and spread his fingers out in a fan. I hosted up my left hand and also spread mine fingers the end in a fan and we made ours fingers and thumbs touch each other. (Christopher Boone) chapter 31