Stores regularly have products - choose nutrition - that space bought in mass but space usually sold individually. So how do you mark those in Ascend? It"s actually pretty easy as soon as you know exactly how to set it up!
In-store products hold information regarded selling and also stocking a product (such together MSRP, category, commission). And also Vendor products contain details related come ordering a product (such together vendor"s cost, case quantity, part number). Each in-store product record have the right to have multiple seller products.

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Thein-store product is what you"re offering to the client - and also in this case, you"d set up the in-store product because that a separation, personal, instance item.


When you produce a new merchant product for an in-store product, the instance Quantity fielddefaults to one.
If your save buys this product in bulk, adjust Case Quantity to complement the variety of individual items that come in the instance (in this situation, we readjusted it to15). IF needed, friend can include mutliple vendor products for various size cases (such as a25 item caseand a100 item case) or separation, personal, instance products and a case.

As quickly as you upgrade that field, the case MSRP and also Case UPC fields end up being active. You definitely should fil in theCase UPC field, therefore Ascend is able to differenate between the case and also the individual items when you scan the barcode.
If the bulk item only has actually one UPC (Case UPC)we recommend utilizing the instoreSKU because that the individual instore product you offer in her store. Leaving the instore product UPC field blank and fill in in the merchant productCase UPCfield.

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If the actual instance can be sold in your save (like if someone desire to through the totality box of engery bars!), we recommend filling in theCase MSRP field
together well. Also though that information is in the seller product, Ascend will fill in the correct MSRP if girlfriend scan the full box in a sale.
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