Online calculator to transform joules come kilocalories (J come kcal) v formulas, examples, and tables. Our conversions carry out a quick and also easy way to convert in between Energy units.

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Conversion Calculator

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How to transform J come kilocalories: enter a worth in the J field and click on the "Calculate kilocalories" button. Her answer will appear in the kilocalories field.

Conversion Definitions

The adhering to is a perform of interpretations relating to conversions between joules and kilocalories.

What is a joule (J)?

A joule is a unit of energy in the global System of systems (SI). The symbol because that joule is J. There room 4,184 joules in a kilocalorie.

What is a kilocalorie (kcal)?

A kilocalorie is a unit of power in the international System of devices (SI). The symbol because that kilocalorie is kcal. There are 0.00023901 kilocalories in a joule. A kilocalorie is measured as the quantity of heat required to progressive the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1°C indigenous a typical initial temperature at a press of 1 atmosphere. A kilocalorie is additionally called a "large calorie" or "kilogram calorie".

Conversion Formula

Let"s take a closer look in ~ the counter formula so the you deserve to do these conversions yourself through a calculator or through an old-fashioned pencil and also paper.

The formula to transform from J come kilocalories is:

kilocalories = J ÷ 4,184

Conversion Example

Next, let"s watch at an example showing the work and also calculations that are affiliated in convert from joules to kilocalories (J come kcal).

Joule come Kilocalorie counter Example

Task: transform 83,680 joules to kilocalories (show work)Formula:J ÷ 4,184 = kilocaloriesCalculations:83,680 J ÷ 4,184 = 20 kilocaloriesResult:83,680 J is same to 20 kilocalories
For rapid reference purposes, below is a counter table that you can use to convert from joules come kilocalories.

Joules to Kilocalories switch Chart

joules (J)kilocalories (kcal)
1 J0.00023901 kcal
2 J0.00047801 kcal
3 J0.00071702 kcal
4 J0.00095602 kcal
5 J0.00119503 kcal
6 J0.00143403 kcal
7 J0.00167304 kcal
8 J0.00191205 kcal
9 J0.00215105 kcal
10 J0.00239006 kcal
20 J0.00478011 kcal
30 J0.00717017 kcal
40 J0.00956023 kcal
50 J0.01195029 kcal
75 J0.01792543 kcal
100 J0.02390057 kcal
250 J0.05975143 kcal
500 J0.11950287 kcal
750 J0.1792543 kcal
1,000 J0.23900574 kcal
2,500 J0.59751434 kcal
5,000 J1.19502868 kcal
7,500 J1.79254302 kcal
10,000 J2.39005736 kcal
25,000 J5.9751434 kcal
50,000 J11.95028681 kcal
75,000 J17.92543021 kcal
100,000 J23.90057361 kcal
250,000 J59.75143403 kcal

This table gives a an overview of the power units in ~ their respective measurement systems.

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UnitSymbolMeasurement SystemDescription
calories (thermochemical)calInternational device of systems (SI)1 cal = 4.184 J
kilocalorieskcalInternational system of systems (SI)1,000 cal = 1 kcal
British thermal UnitBTU or BtuImperial System1 BTU = 1,055 J
joulesJInternational mechanism of devices (SI)base unit
kilojouleskJInternational system of units (SI)1,000 J = 1 kJ
megajoulesMJInternational device of systems (SI)1,000,000 J = 1 MJ
gigajoulesGJInternational mechanism of systems (SI)1,000,000,000 J = 1 GJ
terajoulesTJInternational device of devices (SI)1,000,000,000,000 J = 1 TJ

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