All her Marshmallow Conversions questions answered in one ar with a comfortable chart you can reference. Bookmark this marshmallow measurement list for future reference!

One that the most constant questions I obtain on my site, even if it is it be on email, in the comments ar or on on facebook is around marshmallow equivalents. For example, “How many cups of minis is 10 ounces” or “How many continual marshmallows equal a 10 ounce bag that minis?”

Well, you know what? I’ve type of wondered all that too. I usage marshmallows a LOT here on this site…even explain I have the PERFECT Rice Krispie law recipe. Yep, ns did.

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Anyhow, ns do gain stuck v some half-used bags that marshmallows indigenous time to time…and without actually weighing castle it’s constantly a assumption: v on if i am in reality measuring out enough.

Because let’s be real..marshmallows are hard to measure. One cup the minis to you could be an entirely different thing come me…there’s just so lot airspace, girlfriend know?

Luckily in most recipes consisting of marshmallows if you walk up a few ounces or down a few it doesn’t really impact the outcome as well much.

BUT with all that said I want to recognize all the sticky details.

So one day last week ns bought all the marshmallows in their miscellaneous sizes, consistencies etc, obtained my food scale and also an arsenal of measuring cups ready and went come work.


It was a dirty job. Literally.

I am still chiseling Fluff turn off of mine dining room table.


What I’ve uncovered for marshmallow switch is brands space all very consistent in the weights…so don’t problem too much about a Jet-Puffed continuous weighing the very same amount together a generic brand regular. That does for every intents and purposes.

Also Marshmallow Fluff and Marshmallow Creme room the same. Don’t let anyone tel you different. I can get part opposing see on this, however the only distinction I might find was the brand name and the dimension jar it’s offered in, Creme normally coming in an 7 oz container and also Fluff in one 18 ounce.


Here’s a visual of my findings.

It’s all really scientific…


And this…


You deserve to see by the chart below (and up top) the I have actually taken every variations the marshmallows and also given you your weight and also cup equivalents.

You certainly can’t below in Fluff all over you need a melted marshmallow…the consistency is different.

But i have constantly wondered exactly how much 7 ounces the Marshmallow Creme actually is.

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AND permit me tell you, as soon as you scoop the end the Fluff or Creme the settles and the whipped consistency loser a little bit of volume. So all my measurements are ~ the Fluff settled.


So anyhow, I desire you come PIN, bookmark, save, take a screenshot…whatever that this handy tiny chart. Since you and I are kindred soul there room a lot of marshmallows in our future!