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Do you remember the Smurfs? Those blue fellas that once supplied to rock her TV display screen when you were a kid. Well, guess: v it’s time to bring some memories back. Smurf’s village is a agriculture game based upon the initial cartoon and comic art. After Gargamel the poor guy from the Smurfs series), found and also destroyed the Smurfs home, sending out them scattering. Papa Smurf rounded up every the smurf’s and broke soil on a brand-new Smurfs village, which simply so wake up to it is in what you’re in charge of building.

You and Papa Smurf have to work together with the various other smurf’s and also rebuild their village over again. Players deserve to build devoted houses, intricate gardens with colourful crops, bridges to expectancy running rivers, trodden paths, and more. Play through your favourite Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and also Jokey Smurf.


Creativity is your just limit; construct a complete Smurfs’ village from scratch

Play v your favourite Smurfs consisting of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and also Jokey Smurf

Purchase Smurf berry via in-app acquisition to rate up the growth of her crops and also village! ?

Play mini gamings like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game, Papa Smurf’s Potion mix Game, and Painter Smurf’s paint Game and unlock additional bonuses.

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Connect through friends through Facebook and also send gifts to your friends’ villages?

Play offline… control your town anytime without having to connect to the internet.?

Retina display graphics


Getting Started

Howdy Apprentice! space you prepared to get down to some serious business? Make sure you have an iOS an equipment iPhone, iPod touch, and also iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later).

Download Smurf’s town for FREE*, from the app Store.

Now that you have downloaded the game. Friend will have to run the from the home Screen, just tap on the icon labelled “Smurfs”

Now, the you’re running the game, welcome to the key menu. Girlfriend can create a new game, by pressing the “play” button.

You will be now introduced to the video game story.

Let’s gain down to part diggin’ and also building, candlestick we?

Let’s start building



Before help our tiny blue friends, let’s obtain to recognize the interface.

Access the construct Menu bottom right), this allows you to acquisition items for the village.

The Currency/Level Indicator peak left), shows how much money you need to spend and also your level in the game.

When started a new game, girlfriend will have approx. 2-5 Smurf’s, the symbol under the Currency/Level Indicator reflects how many Smurfs space in your town and how plenty of are easily accessible to be put to work.

The next step is to select the article you great to purchase, using the yellow coins earned in-game.

After purchasing an item, you will be command to the village, where you can easily drag and also place the content.

If you wish to relocate content after purchasing, friend can conveniently do so, through going back to the market and select the “move” device – which is used move components to an additional location e.g. Plants.

Tap top top the Map icon bottom left) that the screen to see your Friend’s Villages.


Planting is simple job, right? To begin planting, you need to purchase a land-plot indigenous the market. Once put in-game, the following step is to tap top top the plot and also select the plants you wish to grow. Don’t worry if your plants will die, when your crops are totally grown you will obtain a notification. Phew! us don’t desire to shed all those difficult work, eh? You can not grow and build your town in just one day, if one smurf’s is planting crops. You will certainly not be able to use him again until the crop is completely grown and harvested.

Game Currency

Smurf’s village has two types of currency. You being the game with 300 Gold’s and also 0 Smurf berries, those Smurf’s berries deserve to be earned once you with level 2 or get them indigenous Jokey Smurfs, free Gift of the Day. Find out more about those currencies below:

Gold Coins – those space the key currently, which is offered to acquisition items because that the village.

Smurf berries – those deserve to be earned, or given as gifts. Those delicious berries room awesome! They provide you with a boost, enabling you to develop the village quicker. Those can likewise be purchased native the iTunes store.



Everytime you obtain an objective, a “!” authorize will be displayed over Papa Smurfs head, make certain to tap top top him together this means there is a new objective for you.

By perfect those goals you will certainly earn XP, which helps you come level faster.

Some quests take a lengthy time to complete, because of this it is vital to perform them in the bespeak Papa Smurf gift them come you if you deserve to afford it.

Mini Games

Smurf’s village has a bunch of funny mini games, i m sorry awards you with gold and experience. Those will start to appear once you with Level 3. Those mini games are connected with various structure in the game.

How execute I play?

When you have actually mini gamings available, small icons will certainly be shown over the buildings. Simply, madness the symbol to play.

More games!

After you finish a mini game and also earn XP you will need to wait a particular amount the time prior to you can play again.

Be Aware!

Some games will enable you to exercise for no XP to improve.


Levelling in Smurf’s village is pretty easy! by building more houses, and growing much more crops, those help you gain much more Gold and also XP. When you level, you will have more facility rewarding quests to complete.


Now the you know just how to develop that lover village, examine out the other Smurf’s villages Neighbours). Tap ~ above the Map symbol on the bottom left) and also see your friend’s villages. You can also give lock a free gift every 24 hours, in hope they return the favour.

You can likewise invite your facebook friends to join you, by tap on the “Invite Friend” button on the far right on the neighbour map. As soon as they download the game and log right into Facebook they will automatically show up on her friend list.


Unlock artist Smurf

Use 30 Smurfberries to obtain this Smurf that is maybe to repaint objects blue, red, and also white.

Unlock Bonus repaint Colors

Painter Smurf is may be to paint objects blue, red, and also white as soon as he has been unlocked. To unlock the various other colours friend must complete the matching image in the artist Smurf’s mini-game at a ‘Close to Perfection’ location colors can not be unlocked in practice mode).

Brown:Complete an image of a desk lamp Post.

Dark Blue:Complete an image of part Mushrooms.

Green:Complete photo of Smurfette.

Grey:Complete an image of a Well.

Maroon:Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.

Pink:Complete picture of Papa Smurf.

Sky Blue:Complete photo of some Flowers.

Violet:Complete picture of a Cake.

Yellow:Complete picture of a Gift Box.

Skip growing Time

If you’re play Zombie farm the trick is simply the same. If girlfriend still don’t know how , below is the steps:

1. Plant all your crops on your farm yard , i recommend to try the ‘Potato’ because that it is 24 hours/1-day and also its basic to readjust the date compare transforming the hours.2. Exit from the game and also go to your IPhone desktop.3. Go to ‘Settings’ and go come ‘General’.4. Pick ‘Date and also Time’ then breakthrough the time exact to your plant harvest.


Earn much more Gold

By proceeding your time and also taking the highest possible earning plant you can acquire a the majority of gold to compare of getting an ext neighbors. Take same numbers of farm yard and variety of house for your smurfs.

Get much more Gifts

Everytime girlfriend skip time you have the right to able to get an ext gifts and also if you space luck enough you can smurfberry’s.

Papa Smurfs’ an initial Riddle Answer

“I may seem tough, I might seem dry, but beneath the surface I do you cry. What to be I? (Hint: that is a crop.)”

Answer: an Onion.

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Papa Smurfs’ second Riddle Answer

“This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and additionally no door. What is it? (Hint: It’s a placeable item.)”

Answer: A Mushroom.

Papa Smurfs’ third Riddle Answer

“Many foods items can do me strong, yet give me water and I won’t live long. What to be I? (Hint: It’s a placeable item.)”

Answer: A Fire.

Best rapid Growing crops for XP

Blueberry 120 XP per hour

Cucumber 120 XP every hour

Raspberry 96 XP every hour

Currants 80 XP per hour

Blackberry 60 XP per hour

Strawberry 45 XP every hour

Best quick Growing crops for $

The values below are because that the network profit every hour. Therefore the seed price is already taken into effect:

Blueberry 120 profit per hour

Raspberry 36 profit per hour

Blackberry 12 profit per hour

Strawberry 9 profit per hour

Cucumber 8 profit per hour

Currants 3 benefit per hour


Best long Term plants for XP

Sarsaparilla 20.8 XP per hour

Onion 14.5 XP every hour

Artichoke 13 XP per hour

Watermelon 10 XP every hour

Pumpkin 10 XP per hour

Potato 6.25 XP per hour

Corn 4.4 XP per hour

Best lengthy Term crops for $

The values below are because that the net profit every hour. Therefore the seed price is already taken into effect: