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Last roof i did to be over 10 years back and that was through hand nailing. I have actually recently acquired a nailer to do my roof next month yet have no idea regarding how many boxes of nails I can need. Roof is a small over 23 squares through approx 200 direct feet that starter shingles. How plenty of boxes will I need?
Depends on the shingle you are using. Through a "standard exposure" (5" come the weather) shingle, such together a 3-in-1, one box will install 20 sq. At 4 nails every shingle.However, if you selected to usage a laminated (shake look) shingle (GAF/ELK Timberline or Certainteed Landmark, those shingles put 5 5/8" to the weather, and also one carton of nails will certainly come nice close to acquiring 23 sq installed (at 4 nails per shingle). Two cartons would certainly be the for sure bet, however you will have most of that 2nd carton left over.Hope this helps.Andy
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I simply did my house and it was a tiny over 30 square. I simply barely essential two boxes and also had a ton left over. I would buy one box and then get another should you require it along the way. Or buy and two and return it if you don"t usage it. A lot will depend on how numerous nails are forced per shingle. If you nail 5 in each shingle you"ll go with that crate a lot of quicker.
Roof is a little over 23 squares v approx 200 straight feet the starter shingles. How countless boxes will certainly I need?
Don"t forget around how you room going to secure the underlayment. Here in Canada you need that eaves protection. Uneven you are just going over your old shingles.Radiant,
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