When that is about Lord Krishna, many world talk about Sri Krishna having actually 16000 wives, (the number is 16108 ). However for those that don’t recognize the actual story behind it, this really fact has actually been a issue of mockery. Yes, the number is great. However, just a few know the genuine deal behind the story. And only a couple of who have dug deep in the Bhagavata Purana (Srimad Bhagavatam) know the life of Krishna in detail.

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Srimad Bhagavatam is a large text explaining numerous Krishna Leela but before reaching to all of them one has to understand Krishna. Read thoughtful discussions ~ above Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. If one do the efforts to straight jumps in the center of the message trying to review Krishna Leela before understanding Krishna, the can create lots of misunderstandings in the mind of the reader.

16108 Wives of lord Krishna

Lord Krishna was chief that Yadavas clan in Dwarka, Yadava doesn’t have kings. They have “chiefs” to who they counsel. Lord Krishna only had 8 wives then, a common practice the polygamy during the days. Castle were: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra, and Lakshmana.


Pragjyotishpur was as soon as ruled by a very an effective asura king named, Naraka. He was the child of Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) and also Varaha, one incarnation of mr Vishnu. In spite of inheriting the gene of Gods, Narakasura to be an Asura. He became very powerful by the boon Bhudevi obtained for her kid by lord Vishnu.

Some messages say the Narakasura to be the kid of Hiranakhya (Hiranyakashipu’s brother) through the mommy being the same, Goddess earth (Bhudevi)

In combination with one more Asura named Banasura, Narak became an extremely evil. Naraka did great penance for mr Brahma, who ultimately granted the the boon, that only his mother could kill him.

Narakasura once captured all the Kingdoms on the earth and also Swarga loka, even Lord Indra had to flee. He recorded 16,100 ladies after defeating the particular kings.  (Note: Dwarka was no a Kingdom)

Goddess Aditi approached Satyabhama for help. When Satyabhama heard the the Naraka’s actions with women, she was enraged. Satyabhama approached mr Krishna because that permission to fairy a war against Narakasura. Mr Krishna struck Pragjyotishpur, talk his mountain Garuda v wife Satyabhama. During the battle, Krishna eliminated Mura, Narakasura’s general. For this reason Krishna is called ‘Murāri‘ (the opponent of Mura). Narakasura was eliminated by the arrowhead of Devi Satyabhama, an avatar the Bhudevi.


After defeating Narakasura the 16,100 females were exit by Krishna. However all of the 16,100 ladies were captivated through the magnificent beauty of lord Krishna, and also everyone cursed themselves that they would either marry Krishna or walk suicide.

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So, lord Krishna married castle in order to gain back their honor and also raise their standing in the society to queen. There is nobility in his actions, and that is exactly how he had actually 16,100 extr wives. Thus, mr Krishna had actually 16108 wives in Total.