Please Note: This page has actually been updated in 2021 to reflect the most up-to-date veterinary technician value data indigenous the office of job Statistics (BLS).

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If you room interested in becoming a veterinary Technician (also described as a Vet Techs) then you will be enjoyment to recognize that both salary and also employment levels because that vet techs have been increasing steadily. In fact, vet techs now earn 46% much more than they walk in 2000, and also demand because that Vet Techs has actually increased through a huge 94%.

The good news is this tendency is collection to continue.

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Average Vet technology salary

Average salary for Veterinary Technicians$33,870
Hourly wage because that Veterinary Technicians$16.29
90th Percentile of Earners$48,330
10th Percentile that Earners$22,340
How much does a vet tech make?

According come the most recent data provided by the office for job Statistics (May 2020), the mean veterinary technician value in the USA is $33,870. This represents a an extremely slight rise in 2019 salary levels of $33,280.

Those in the top 10% salary bracket for the profession knife an average annual salary of $48,330 whilst those in the bottom 10% and in entry-level location earn just $22,340.

Income potential is an especially influenced by where you live and work – native a short of $26,480 in Arkansas to a high the $43,760 in new York.

The range is more far-ranging when you study the data at a subway or City level. Vet Techs functioning in south-east Alabama earn an mean salary of only $20,770 when those in south-east Mississippi earn $48,190 representing a distinction of end $27,000 every annum between the two localities.

How much have Vet tech salaries risen?

As depicted in the graph listed below salary levels have grown significantly since 2000. And also whilst salaries have ongoing to grow in between 2010 and 2015 a slight decrease in the speed of expansion is evident.


Top paying says for veterinary Technicians

The table below illustrates the height 5 states in i m sorry Vet Techs have the right to earn the most – taking into consideration cost of living adjustments because that each State. As is apparent Veterinary Technicians working in new York, Alaska, Massachusetts, California, and also Connecticut knife the most.

Veterinary Technicians in Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Utah earn the least.

StateSalaryAbove Verage
New York$40,81022.6%

Vet technology salaries by State

Browse the map below to discover out how much do Vet Techs do in your area;

Vet Tech contrasted to Vet Salary and Vet Assistant Salary

Vet Salary

How lot do vets make by comparison to vet techs?

Vet Assistant Salary

How lot do vet aides make by comparison come vet techs?

Vet Tech contrasted to related healthcare Salaries

In the graph listed below we to compare salary levels because that Veterinary Technicians with salaries for comparable careers in the medical care industry. The graph reflects data for the reduced 10% that earners, the average salary for the career, and also salary levels because that the height 10% that earners in the career. Together you have the right to see Vet Techs (green line) fall somewhere in the typical of revenue potential of all comparable careers.


Vet technology Jobs and Employment Outlook

There are at this time 99,390 world working together Veterinary Technicians in the USA. And according come the office for job Statistics the outlook for tasks growth and opportunity for those who qualify together Veterinary Technicians is incredibly favorable. As shown in the graph below it is suspect that in between 2016 and also 2024 there will certainly be 14,330 brand-new positions developed in the sector representing boost of 14.7% in employment.

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In summary, as a Vet technology you have the right to expect average salary levels yet excellent employed prospects. As a Vet tech you will have the chance to construct a wide range of healthcare skills, an ext so than in any other healthcare role. For the right human being it might be an extremely lucrative and enjoyable path to choose.