How lot does a flat screen TV weigh? One aspect that civilization consider once they are buying a TV is that is weight. Even though the load hardly matters once the TV is set up and connected, being able to lug it residence and set it up matters to people, as well as how simple it will certainly be to move.

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Luckily, TVs now weigh tiny compared to TVs of the past. They room made through a lot of plastic, but they do have actually some steel parts, which adds weight. The reason that the weight might matter is that you will probably want to location your TV ~ above a was standing or mountain it top top the wall. Even if you order that online, the load is not terribly relevant since most places offer free shipping.

Because TVs have end up being lighter, many stands will have actually no trouble supporting any type of TV the the dimension it is intended come support. The very same holds true for wall surface mounts. They space designed to assistance TV size, not weight. Normally speaking, wall surface mounts are capable of sustaining a TV that is lot heavier than most TVs in that size.

However, the weight itself does matter to many people, so take it a look at the weight selection for typical flat display TVs in the following sizes.

How lot Does A Flat screen TV Weigh?

just how Much does A 32 customs TV Weigh?

Most 32-inch TVs today space LED flat screens. Some room standard TVs, but smart TVs are becoming the norm. You have the right to buy them for indoor or outdoor use as well. Plasma TVs are much heavier, however they space no longer produced.

The wall mount because that a 32-inch TV is capable of handling between 100 and also 200 pounds, even though the TV will not weigh practically that much. TVs in this size variety can weigh an extremely little; in fact, the Westinghouse 32” LED weighs only 9.4 pounds with the stand.

Some the the out TVs space heavier, such together the SunBrite TV 32” outdoor TV at 45 pounds. This TV is weather proof, so the is do with various materials. It still drops far below the border for wall mounts and stands.

Thirty-two-inch TVs selection from being very light at about eight or ripe pounds come the sturdier out models in ~ 45 pounds.

just how Much walk A 50 inch TV Weigh?

As larger flat screen TVs have end up being widely accessible at an ext affordable prices, your weight has actually gone down. The 50-inch plasma TVs offered to weigh in between 80 and also 100 pounds. They stopped making plasma TVs in 2016, however there are some still out there. They use a lot an ext energy, so the UHD 4K TVs and LEDs are much an ext popular.

Most wall mounts because that a 50-inch TV have the right to hold approximately 125 pounds, which would certainly be sufficient for any 50-inch TV, consisting of an old plasma. For example, the VIZIO 50” LED smart TV weighs only 28.2 pounds, far below the best weight.

If you want a UHD 4K TV, the Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD smart TV weighs just a little much more at 29.3 pounds. The out Magnolia 49-inch LED is heavier, in ~ 69 pounds.

You will find 50-inch TVs varying from 25 pounds for a new LED or UHD 4K TV come 100 pounds for an old plasma.

exactly how Much walk A 55 inch TV Weigh?

Fifty-five-inch TVs are a small bit heavier 보다 the 50-inch models, however not by a lot. In fact, the Insignia 55” 4K UHD TV weighs 29.3 pounds, i m sorry is not much different from a 50-inch version. This TVs are lighter today due to the fact that much of the human body is make of plastic.

The mounts for 55-inch TVs hold between 125 and also 175 pounds, depending upon which one friend buy. No one of these TVs room heavy enough for this to be an issue today.

If you are looking at the LED TV in a 55-inch version, the Samsung 55-inch LED clever TV weighs simply 38.1 pounds, and the Magnolia out 55-inch TV weighs 47 pounds.

If friend buy a 55-inch TV, the will variety from 25 pounds because that an LED TV come 100 pounds for an enlarge plasma.

exactly how Much does A 60 inch TV Weigh?

There are not a lot of different models in the 60-inch TV category, yet the LG UHD TV weighs in in ~ 42.8 pounds. The wall surface mount for this TV deserve to hold well over 100 pounds, so this TV is light enough.

Most manufacturers room phasing this size out and focusing top top the 55-inch and also 65- come 70-inch models. Therefore, if you desire to get a TV this dimension you deserve to count on it weighing in between 42 and 45 pounds.

just how Much does A 70 inch TV Weigh?

Seventy-inch TVs are famous with human being who want a large television. Castle come in LED or UHD 4K, and they usage a wall surface mount that deserve to hold as much as 200 pounds.

The 70-inch TV does sweet more. Because that example, the 70-inch Samsung LED smart TV weighs 54.5 pounds, and the VIZIO 70-inch clever 4K UHD weighs 56.9 pounds. This is still much under the weight permitted for most wall mounts, and also it is still light enough that two world can move it safely.

Final Words

TVs have readjusted a lot over time, from the pipe TVs that were heavy and bulky come the sleek flat screen LED TVs the today. Castle have become much lighter, through the heaviest contemporary TV weighing just under 60 pounds. In part, they space made of plastic v some metal, which permits for a much more lightweight design.

If girlfriend buy one outdoor-rated TV, the is made of weather resistant materials, so it is a little bit heavier, but the wall surface mounts room made to organize much heavier televisions, so you will have actually no trouble hanging the heaviest TV.

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Manufacturers are no longer making plasma TVs due to the fact that they room heavy and also they usage a lot much more energy than other types. The most well-known TVs today space LED or UHD 4K, and they weigh in between 7 pounds for a 32-inch model and up to 60 pounds because that a huge 70-inch model. If you find an enlarge plasma, it will certainly weigh between 80 and 100 pounds, which is tho light sufficient to work with most wall surface mounts.