A.)The meter share is not well balanced on the sheet of the table and has a torque. Below is a snapshot of the meter stick v labels such together the force and lever eight that cause the torque.

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Now the meter pole is well balanced on the leaf of the table. What perform you currently know about the relationship between the sheet of the table and the center of gravity? describe the photo below because that answer.

C.) Now see how the balance allude changes once the 100g massive is included to the end of the meter stick. Refer to the photo below to see the forces and also lever arms that are leading to the clockwise and counterclockwise torques. (Hint: has the facility ofmass that the meter rod itself readjusted just due to the fact that we included the mass come the end?)

Step 2- Planning
In this section I will certainly list:A.) the equations usedB.) dimensions takenC.) reasoning behind my choices
A.) Equations- Torque= F x bar Arm (Torque= pressure x bar Arm)- w=m x g (Weight= massive x Gravity)B.) Measurements taken- size of the bar arms- load of the included weightC.) reasoning behind mine choicesI select the equation, w=mg, since I require to convert the load of the included weight. That will let me know exactly how much pressure is acting on the meter stick as well as gravity. I require to have actually the equation,Torque= F x lever arm, due to the fact that I need to uncover out the force of the side where the weight will certainly not it is in placed. I require to find the size of the lever arms due to the fact that I require that to number out the torque. Finally, I require the load of the included weight since I must know how much force is acting on the side where the weight will certainly be placed.Step 3- do the efforts our setup outIn this section, I will list the end the procedures we took.1.) Plugged the weight of the included weight, after we converted the from grams to kilograms, into the equations w=mg. Psychic 9.8 is the measure up of the force of gravity!- w= (1kg)(9.8)- w= 0.982.) discovered the center of gravity/ center of mass- 50cm3.) measured the bar arms - bar arm 1: 30.8 centimeter - lever arm 2: 19.2 cm4.) Plugged the lever arm through the included weight into the equation: Torque= F x lever Arm (write the end torquer and also lever arm) - Torque= (0.98) x (30.8) - Torque= 30.185.) Since, us knew that the counter clockwise and clockwise torques room equal, us then knew to collection the talk of the added weight same to the next of the stick without the included weight multiplied by the unknown force.

6.) we then had actually to convert the new known pressure to mass.

7.) once we gained the mass, we had actually to convert the kilograms right into grams.

After gaining our educated guess, we weighed the meter stick. The meter stick was 147.6g. We were turn off by 13.6 grams. As whole successful, however not as successful as i would"ve preferred our experiment to be.

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See listed below for a picture of ours final! Make note that it is well balanced because the center of gravity is within the basic of support, i m sorry is the table. As mentioned before, the edge of the table is whereby the center of gravity is.