An reliable midsize sedan like theHonda Accordis a great choice for everyone from commuters come families. So, what type of gas mileage go this sedan need to offer motorists in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and also Columbus, Indiana?

With an EPA-estimated 30 city/38 highway MPG in the LX and EX-L trim levels, the Accord will have actually you cruising past gas stations on your means to Mill gyeongju Park.1 What’s even far better is that this sedan is easily accessible with a hybrid powertrain because that an EPA-estimated 48 city/48 highway MPG in the Hybrid, Hybrid EX, and Hybrid EX-L trims.1

How is this performance achieved? your friends in ~ Andy Mohr Honda are below to display you.

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Honda Accord Gas Mileage: quick Facts

Trim Level

EPA-Estimated Fuel Economy


30 city/38 highway MPG1

Sport with CVT

29 city/35 highway MPG1

Sport through 10AT

22 city/32 highway MPG1


30 city/38 highway MPG1

Touring 2.0T

22 city/32 highway MPG1


48 city/48 highway MPG1

Hybrid EX

48 city/48 highway MPG1

Hybrid EX-L

48 city/48 highway MPG1

Hybrid Touring 2.0T

44 city/41 highway MPG1

Built To save You top top the road for Longer


The 2021 Honda Accord is an top midsize sedan that supplies you a comfortable, safe, and also efficient ride. Choose from two powertrains to gain the appropriate performance you’re craving.

The an initial choice is an inline 4-cylinder engine through turbocharger the gets up to 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. This motor likewise earns an EPA-estimated 30 city/38 highway MPG top top the LX and EX-L trims, for this reason you’ll find yourself zooming right previous the gas station on your means to work.1

If you want a much more athletic suffer behind the wheel, opt for the sports or Touring 2.0T trim level paired with an accessible 10-speed automatic infection (10AT). Regardless of this performance an increase from the added gears, you’ll still earn an exceptional EPA-estimated 22 city/32 highway MPG through Sport and also Touring 2.0T trims.1

You can likewise stick v the standard repeatedly Variable infection (CVT) top top the sports trim and attain an EPA-estimated 29 city/35 highway MPG.1

Honda Accord Hybrid


If you’re feather for even greater gas usage on her 2021 Honda Accord, think about the hybrid engine. It operation on a mix of an inline 4-cylinder engine with an AC Synchronous Permanent-Magnet electric Motor. Together, they supply up to 212 complete system horsepower.

This efficient double motor architecture works v an electronic CVT (e-CVT) to create an EPA-estimated 48 city/48 highway MPG in the Hybrid, Hybrid EX, and Hybrid EX-L trims.1 You’re sure to love this type of effectiveness for miles and miles to come.

Hybrid Touring 2.0T has a slight dip to an EPA-estimated 44 city/41 highway MPG, however you’ll still be able to cruise right previous the pump on the method to work.1

Where will certainly the Accord take it You?


Thanks come a 14.8-gallon fuel tank with the gas engine, you can expect to journey a best 562.4 highway miles on one tank the fuel alone. If you select the Accord Hybrid, the fuel tank decreases come 12.8 gallons, yet you’ll venture practically 615 highway miles before needing to make a gas station stop.

With gas mileage choose that, where will this sedan take you? The sky’s the limit, but some of the excursions the you deserve to enjoy include:

Trips to Fountain Square to hit increase the unique tiny businesses. Visits to town Inn Restaurant to indulge in their pork tenderloins. Relaxing jaunts to Yellowwood State woodland to stroll amongst the foliage. Excursions into the city that Indianapolis come visit the zoo or record a game.A weekend trip to Nashville for part live music and an excellent Southern eats.

No issue where the roadway takes you, the 2021 Honda Accord’s gas mileage will certainly make acquiring there a total breeze.

Honda Accord reliable Technology


TheHonda Accord trim levelsare also loaded with technology to assist you maximize your fuel efficiency.

For starters, the gas engine in this sedan is armed with Idle-Stop. This function shuts off her engine as soon as idling in ~ a stop sign or red light or when encountering rush-hour traffic. Once motion resumes, the seamlessly restarts her engine, conserving fuel and maximizing your fuel tank.

Every Accord is also armed through an Eco Assist™ device that changes certain drive settings to maximize your fuel efficiency. Examine on the condition of her driving in your display and make the necessary transforms to stay as effective as possible.

If you pick the hybrid motor, you’ll also get EV Mode. As soon as you switch into this journey mode, you’ll acquire an all-electric an increase for an environment-friendly ride.

Top-of-the-Line tech for added Miles

Adaptive Cruise manage is wonderful driver-assistance feature. The adjusts your rate with the flow of traffic, so friend can continue to get an excellent fuel economy and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

You’ll likewise be able to inspect on your existing miles every gallon. Directly in front of the steering wheel, you’ll check out a 7-inch shade digital display. You can customize this instrument swarm to present your fuel efficiency and also miles till empty.

You can additionally see this information straight in front of you. A futuristic-looking Head-Up display is additionally available. It tasks information about your drive appropriate onto her windshield.

The Honda Accord even has technology to assist you plan your stops for gas before you leave her home. Download the HondaLink® app on her smartphone, and you’ll have the ability to check her fuel level on its far dashboard.

What type of Gas go a Honda Accord Use?

The 2021 Accord uses continuous unleaded gasoline. This type of fuel is the most popular, for this reason you’ll easily have the ability to find it in ~ a gas station close to you. Girlfriend can also confirm what form of gas to use in her Honda Accord by reading your owner’s manual.

Test Drive her Next auto at ours Honda Dealership


VisitAndy Mohr Hondato test journey the stylish and efficient 2021 Honda Accord. Through its clever design, valuable technology, and available hybrid engine, vehicle drivers in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and also Columbus, IN, have the right to count ~ above this sedan to take you farther.

To learn more about the Honda Accord MPG rating, call us or visit ours Honda dealership. A member of ours team would be happy to satisfy with you to answer any type of questions and go over all the features that do this vehicle so unique.

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1. 30 city/38 highway/33 merged MPG rating because that LX and also EX-L trims. 29 city/35 highway/32 merged MPG rating for Sport and also Special version 1.5T trims. 22 city/32 highway/26 linked MPG rating because that Sport and also Touring 2.0T trims. 48 city/48 highway/48 merged MPG rating for Hybrid, Hybrid EX, and Hybrid EX-L trims. 44 city/41 highway/43 combined MPG rating for the Hybrid Touring trim. Based upon 2021 EPA usage ratings. Usage for comparison purposes only. Her mileage will certainly vary, depending on how you drive and also maintain her vehicle, steering conditions, battery-package/condition (hybrid trims), and other factors.