Elgin bag watches proceed to be incredibly popular within the antique and also vintage clock market; turning rare and authentic people into an useful and expensive pieces to own, whether for a clock enthusiast or a collector. The distinctive timepieces have exquisite craftsmanship, finishes, jeweled movements, fantastic materials, and also a vast choice of detailed designs.

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Why to be Elgin pocket Watches therefore Popular?

The Elgin bag watch to be not only elegant and also innovative, yet it to be initially produced to be much less expensive than other vintage watches. The Elgin pocket watch value was, in part, exceptional because of the unique craftsmanship and the mass production of the high-quality pocket watches that used machine-made interchangeable parts once the watches necessary to it is in repaired, which go not need hand adjusting. That brilliant idea the Elgin"s also made it possible for the watches come be more accessible and also budget-conscious come a more comprehensive number of buyers, which do this bag watch exceptionally popular in the day.

Why Collect and also Invest in one Elgin bag Watch?

Such a watch have the right to be a luxurious enhancement to one"s wardrobe, a item of prized jewelry, an example of well technology, or a item of art.

Today, they are amongst the many in-demand and are favorite by collectors. The luxurious and also rarer ones, however, could price well right into the countless dollars depending upon the model, age, design, and also quality.

While not quite at the value variety of a vintage Swiss watch, high-grade Elgin watches have the right to still go for a pair of countless dollars and are without a doubt great (and fashionable) enhancement to any modern wardrobe wanting a “splash” of vintage included to them. Their legacy and craftsmanship set these bag watches apart.

Was Elgin The biggest Manufacturer of bag Watches?

For virtually 100 years, till 1968, the Elgin nationwide Watch agency was the world"s biggest manufacturer of watches. Roughly 60 million pieces were produced in that time. The truth that the unique Elgin pocket watch is no much longer made does, the course, include to the Elgin pocket clock value.

The first Ever Elgin Watch

The an initial Elgin piece, made in 1867, was a railroad-grade watch the was even adjusted to the temperature. Despite its originally low offering price, the clock was at some point purchased by the City of Elgin for $15,000.

How much is one Elgin Pocket watch Worth?

A railroad Elgin pocket clock can variety from $200 to $5,000. It counts on the year that production, the material used, and the model"s significance. They to be exquisitely designed according to railroad industry standards and kept the most specific and precise time. The made sure that the railway trains ran on schedule and also would come at their exact times.

Are Elgin pocket Watches Rare?

High-quality investment-grade Elgin bag watches room rare, and also in reality the entire Elgin watch line is currently finite. After ~ the very first and 2nd world wars, Elgin had to compete with the much less expensive domestic and also foreign wristwatches that began dominating the market. To compensate, they added decorative clocks, transistor radios, and also even wedding rings to your roster. Unfortunately, Elgin had to at some point give up the watchmaking next of the business and also ceased production in 1970.

Do Elgin bag Watches tho Work?

Even come this day, most Elgin pocket watches stay in great working condition. This not just adds to the Elgin pocket clock value, but it’s likewise a testament to the remarkable craftsmanship of the company.

What was the Elgin nationwide Watch firm Observatory?

Built in 1910, this historic two-story building on much less than one acre is simply two blocks to the west the the Company. Its purpose was to administer time data that was amazingly exact to a tenth of a second.

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One of the finest examples of Elgin Craftsmanship: The Lady and also the Tiger


Released in the 1920’s, this is one ornate, exotic, and also unusual watch. The engraving on the top of the instance is of a tiger, and also the one ~ above the bottom is the a woman’s silhouette, every accented through decorative flourishes. The case is 14-carat yellow gold, and the dial has distinctive hands. You can possibly find this late 20s watch at one auction everywhere from $2,500 to over $10,000.

Can you Still to buy Elgin bag Watches?

You have the right to in-fact quiet buy Elgin bag watches, and also for kind prices in ~ that. Complying with are simply a couple of of the impressive rare Elgin bag watches that are still in working condition and are well worth the lot of money that they demanded as collectors" items: