Theoretically a diaper can hold between 4 and also 9 pees (regardless the the size). Yet in actual life, a diaper can only hold in between 3 and 7 pees






As a Dad, I"ve invested a most time transforming diapers. Yet even despite I have actually a many experience changing diapers, i couldn"t prize the concern "How plenty of pees can a diaper hold?" accurately.

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I researched for hrs online, and I couldn"t uncover a solitary reliable source. So... I made decision to operation my very own experiment. It"s science time!

These room the measures I took to answer the question

Step 1. I bought diapers of every sizes (and brands) and completely filled lock up. They host a lot an ext liquid than you may think! read more.

Step 2. I researched just how much pee a baby"s bladder have the right to hold based on their age. And how much they to fill it prior to they pee. Check out more.

Step 3. I did the math and came up with a definitive and also scientific answer come how countless pees a diaper deserve to hold! check out more.


Theoretically a diaper can hold between 4 and also 9 pees (regardless of the size). Yet in real life, a diaper can only hold in between 3 and also 7 pees. With an median of 4 and also a fifty percent pees per diaper.

But I would encourage girlfriend to read the totality post, due to the fact that I did part pretty nice finding along the way!

Or clock the video here:

Step 1: exactly how much liquid have the right to a Diaper Hold?


The first question is pretty directly forward. I had to uncover out how much to pee a diaper deserve to hold. So ns bought 5 various diaper sizes because that all various ages and filled them increase a little at a time. I come up v the complying with results:


How much Liquid deserve to a Diaper Hold? (In Theory)

Diaper Size for Babies weighing In concept holds
Size 2 3 to 6 kg (6.6 to 13.2 pounds) 168ml (5,7 oz)
Size 3 6 come 9 kg (13.2 to 19.8 pounds) 278ml (9,4 oz)
Size 4 9 to 15 kg (19.8 come 33 pounds) 502ml (17 oz)
Size 5 15 to 20 kg (33 to 44 pounds) 591ml (20 oz)
Size 6 20 kg and also up (44 pounds and also up) 769ml (26 oz)

But that didn"t seem good enough come me... Since as a Dad, I know that occasionally a diaper doesn"t have to be completely full because that the pee come come out. This is specially true during the night, because only one next of the diaper often tends to be totally filled.


Hence, ns completed this action with a small help from my 4 month old daughter (size 3 diaper) and also my 18 months old child (size 5 diaper, he"s huge!).

As a Dad I recognize that occasionally a diaper doesn"t need to be fully full for the pee come come out.

I weigheted your diapers for a week, and also found the end that every time a diaper reached 75% the it"s capacity, the pee would come out. This number turned the end to be extremely constant both because that my son and my daughter. So, the lot of liquid that a diaper deserve to hold readjusted in genuine life.

When a diaper has actually reached 75% of it"s theoretical stop capacity, it no much longer serves the purpose.


How lot Liquid have the right to a Diaper Hold? (In real Life)

Diaper Size for Babies weighing In theory hold In real Life holds
Size 2 6.6 come 13.2 pounds 168ml (5,7 oz) 126ml (4.2 oz)
Size 3 13.2 come 19.8 pounds 278ml (9,4 oz) 208.5ml (7 oz)
Size 4 19.8 to 33 pounds 502ml (17 oz) 376.5ml (12.7 oz)
Size 5 33 come 44 pounds 591ml (20 oz) 443ml (15 oz)
Size 6 44 pounds and up 769ml (26 oz) 576ml (19.5 oz)

Interesting to know!

Does a an ext expensive diaper hold much more pee?

I uncovered this extremely interesting, and also I"ll i announced my result in a write-up next week, however this is a preview of what i found: different brands that diaper do hold different amount of liquid, however the differences are very slim. Not enough to damage this experiment, permit alone to justify the distinction in price. The interesting component is... Depending upon how ns filled the diapers, the results were different! If girlfriend drown the diaper, one brand comes on top and also holds consistently much more liquid than the others. However if you to water a little liquid slowly, an additional brand come on top. If you pour liquid fast... Another brand come on top! That"s why diaper companies can safely say that their diaper holds much more pee. Since it relies on the means you to fill them up! Snicky, isn"t it?

Step 2: exactly how much carry out Babies Pee?

I researched for hours, read over a dozen scientific papers describing how much both adults and babies have to pee... And also couldn"t uncover a definitive answer to this question.


Because the quantity of day-to-day pee relies on multiple points like exactly how much girlfriend drink, exactly how much girlfriend sweat, etc. Also genetics pat a critical role. Everyone is different, and we all produce different amounts of to pee every day.

But! There"s one thing that is actually pretty consistant amongst us: bladder size.

When the bladder has actually reached 50% of it"s capacity, it signals our brain that it"s time to pee. As adults, we deserve to hold the to pee for some time. But babies to pee the an extremely moment your bladder reaches 50% that it"s capacity.

So... If we might find out the bladder size of a baby, we could know how plenty of ml (or oz) of fluid per pee they"re producing.

I began reserching again and also I uncovered this interesting record published in the nationwide Library of medication titled Estimating common bladder volume in children. In their research, medical professional David Zurakowski, professor in ~ Harvard medical School uncovered out that bladder size can be identified by 2 valuable linear formulas:

"2 x period (years) + 2 = volume (ounces) for youngsters less than 2 year old, and age (years) divided by 2 + 6 = volume (ounces) for those 2 years old or older."

But don"t worry. I"ll save you the time, and also I"ll do the mathematics myself in the following step!

Step 3: act the Math!

The third step meant putting my findings together and this is what I came up with. Note that I had actually to usage data from Paul Young, M.D.. (a pediatrician at to gain the average weight based upon age.

These to be the last results:

Age (months or years)Pounds (average boys and girls)Bladder size (ounces)Pee size (ounces)Number of Pees Diaper hold (Theoretically)Number of Pees Diaper hold (In real Life)
1 9,59 2,17 1,08 5,26 3,88
2 11,79 2,33 1,17 4,89 3,60
3 13,45 2,50 1,25 4,56 3,36
4 14,77 2,67 1,33 7,05 5,25
5 15,87 2,83 1,42 6,64 4,94
6 16,76 3,00 1,50 6,27 4,67
7 17,53 3,17 1,58 5,94 4,42
8 18,19 3,33 1,67 5,64 4,20
9 18,85 3,50 1,75 5,37 4,00
10 19,51 3,67 1,83 5,13 3,82
11 19,95 3,83 1,92 8,87 6,63
12 20,39 4,00 2,00 8,50 6,35
15 21,94 4,50 2,25 7,56 5,64
18 23,26 5,00 2,50 6,80 5,08
21 24,69 5,50 2,75 6,18 4,62
22 25,24 5,67 2,83 6,00 4,48
23 25,68 5,83 2,92 5,83 4,35
2 27,34 7,00 3,50 4,86 3,63
2,5 29,32 7,25 3,63 4,69 3,50
3 31,20 7,50 3,75 4,53 3,39
3,5 33,29 7,75 3,88 5,16 3,87
4 35,49 8,00 4,00 5,00 3,75


As you deserve to see native the above table, theoretically a diaper deserve to hold in between 4 and 9 pees. However in genuine life, a diaper can only hold between 3 and also 7 pees. With an median of 4 and also a half pees per diaper.

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This is fairly true for all sizes, since the larger the diaper, the larger the child, and also the bigger the pee.