My Dad has actually this saying, “Stupidity is continually act the very same thing and expecting different results.”

We all have actually our moment of stupidity. I had one more moment this particular day as i attempted as soon as again to hang my son’s wall surface decorations ago on his wall. What in my life I came to be convinced that the best method to hang anything is v thumbtacks…. I recognize I should acquire the hammer and also put a nail in the wall. That just simpler to use tacks. And much more forgiving if girlfriend accidently cave the snapshot 2 inches too low. However, tacks absolutely have their under side favor they don’t hold an extremely much weight. An additional down next is castle can conveniently bend as soon as going right into the wall.

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The particular picture I to be hanging now has around 14 tack feet in a small circle. For some reason, it simply doesn’t want to continue to be