As far as I"m conscious they never ever really say, but if girlfriend count back 6 years (assuming he was 16-17 as soon as his house shed down) he"d be 22-23.

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The usual answer to this is roughly 20-21 years, It"s the age I"ve found on various other fan sites, though Derek"s age is never really clearly presented.


Thank you :) .........I feel much better now,glad the he's just 20 ......I was curious when Kate said that they were together,'cause Kate looks kinda much older.

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While the consensus of fans say 20-23. However, if you look in ~ the truth that Peter was burned in the fire while Derek and his sister to be not, which leader to the assumption either they were not house or to be old sufficient to have moved away. Due to the fact that werewolves likewise heal rapidly and also can be reborn, there is a opportunity of them life longer. If you consider the possibilities it is assumed that he might be within the variety of 18-30 years old. Supposedly hs age will it is in revealed in the upcoming third season.
i think that is 26 in the begining because stiles says as soon as they an initial met Derek the his family burned to death around ten years earlier and then later we discover out that he was roughly 16 once his family passed away which kinda renders his age at the begining ring 26 if you counting back
I’d say Derek to be 22 at the beginning of season 1. Peter claims in season 3 that he hasn’t well-known Cora for 7 years so the fire happened around that long ago and we’ve heard 6 years numerous times before that so the seven year anniversary must be close. The flashbacks show it come look really cold for this reason I’d say it was in the winter, so late 2004-early 2005. This would also explain why Stiles claimed ‘like ten year ago’ because it wasn’t long after his mother’s death so the wouldn’t have actually been very attentive to various other tragedies while he to be grieving. It likewise states the he and also his sister to be at school however Cora wasn’t which could be accounted for by ~ school practice or games. Laura to be still in high institution too and her being under 18 or just turned 18 would define why castle left town so quickly, so they wouldn’t be separated. That means Derek would have gone to least 15, seeing together he to be 15 v Paige however he was also said to be a sophomore meaning he would have been only months from 16, yet no older the 17 because he had an enlarge sister no older 보다 18. If Derek to be born in November like his license states or on Christmas choose Jeff Davis has been well-known to say, he’d have just rotate 16 at the job of the fire, do him fresh 22 in ~ the start of the show.