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Bleeding the Chrysler 2.2/2.5 liter cooling systemby Damien CivielloClick right here for overheating issues and also solutionsSo you"re done functioning on the coolant device in your dependable EEK, you optimal off the radiator, to fill the overflow tank come the minimum mark and also take her under the roadway to test her repairs/maintenance. But you"re no done, if you drive away currently you"ll have actually a wildly swinging temp gauge in ~ best, at worst you"ll warp the head.The venerable Chrysler 2.2/2.5 has actually the thermostat located at the front of the engine block along the optimal of the head wherein the upper radiator water tap connects come the engine. The thermostat is located in the "water box" behind this link point. The problem is the that as result of the steep of the hood, the water crate is greater than the radiator, so any type of air in the device will collect at this point. This air avoids the thermostat from opened properly and also disrupts ideal water circulation through the motor. Therefore any type of time you loosened or drain coolant from the device you must bleed the system of all air when you to fill it. There space two means to do this:Method 1: The "correct" wayIf you had actually a copy the the FSM (Factory service Manual) or identical (Haynes, Chiltons, etc.), you wouldn"t require this net page but it would offer you the following procedure:Fill the system as normal v your antifreeze mixture. Constantly use a mixture the antifreeze and water (distilled functions best) the at least 50%, despite you deserve to go together high as 70% antifreeze. One in-expensive tester available in many auto components stores or the auto parts section of larger stores (Wal-Mart, etc.) that will certainly tell friend the concentration that antifreeze in your system.At the optimal of the water box wherein the top radiator water tap enters the engine over there is a little threaded plug through a hex fitting. Using the exactly Allen wrench ease the installation to the point where air starts to escape. For sure the heater is left top top to enable water into the heater core.NOTE: before you to fill the system fully it might be a great idea to eliminate this plug and apply some anti-seize or subject sealant come the threads. Gradually the steel plug tends to seize come the aluminum head and so step two over may prove just shy of difficult without explosives. If friend do manage to eliminate it, some anti-seize or object sealant should make it easier to remove following time.Continue to add antifreeze to change the air gift expelled with the plug.When liquid starts come seep out of the plug tighten the up, optimal off the overflow tank, and also you"re done. If you get erratic temp readings, or lack of warm from the vents in the car, re-open the screw and enable any residual air come escape.Some civilization have replaced the plug through a brass one that is less likely to seize to the head, rather have adapted a tiny valve or petcock right into the threaded hole, permitting them to vent the system by just opening the valve. A an excellent hardware or pipes supply keep should have actually the parts required for one of two people of these modifications. Be certain that anything girlfriend adapt deserve to withstand the temperatures and also pressures under the hood.Method 2: The "other" wayIf remove the vent plug confirmed to be difficult then over there is an different method. Air rises come the peak of the cooling system and also gets trapped, leading to the cooling mechanism to vapor lock. Yet if the radiator is make the greater point in the device then the air will escape right into the radiator whereby it will be vented out v the radiator cap and also the overflow system.To vent a mechanism in this method raise the automobile such that the radiator is greater than the water box. You have the right to do this v jacks (and jack-stands, never ever support a car by a jack alone), ramps, or mother Nature, by finding a nice steep hill and parking with the nose of the auto pointing up the hill.You"ll need to let the car warm increase so the the thermostat opens up for the system to vent in this method. Never ever open the cooling system when warm or you could end up v a really hot shower head of antifreeze. Thus let the car warm increase from cold through the radiator lid removed. Girlfriend may obtain some spillage when the coolant expands and the air bubbles out. Be mindful as this coolant will certainly be hot.NOTE: If you"re replacing the thermostat you can save you yourself the wait and drill a very small (1/8") hole in the metal body (not the brass valve) of the thermostat before you install it. This will enable the air to escape into the radiator while the thermostat is closed, however the feet is too little to impact system operation.Allow the engine to run, v the heater top top (fan have the right to be off or ~ above low) until the thermostat opens and all the waiting is permitted to purge. When the thermostat opens up you will check out the coolant level inside the radiator bubble and drop. Proceed to add antifreeze come maintain fluid level. Again be careful as the coolant and also any heavy steam released by the system will it is in hot. Once the top radiator hose becomes warm to the touch and also no additional air problems from the system very closely replace the radiator cap and also ensure the overflow bottle is filled to the Max line.Continue to enable the vehicle to operation to permit the temperature come stabilize. If friend don"t have actually a temperature gauge enable the vehicle to run until the fan cycles on and also off at the very least once. During this time ensure there room no leaks native the system and that the top radiator water tap gets warm to the touch (especially close to the radiator). If not then enable the system to cool, and repeat the steps above to purge any remaining air.NOTE: If you are not comfortable leave the radiator cap off during warm-up climate you can attain the same thing by leaving the radiator cap on and enabling the automobile to cool under after step four and also then repeat steps one through 4 again, making sure the overflow bottle is kept full. The heating and also cooling cycle will push the air out v the overflow bottle and also then sucking coolant in to change the air as soon as the engine cools. The auto must stay inclined for the totality procedure.For much more information and tips, click here.We strive because that accuracy but we room not necessarily professionals or authorities top top the subject. Neither the writer nor /, LLC might be held responsible for the use of the information or advice, comprise or otherwise, on this site.

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