You should change the oil in her lawn mower in ~ least annually (more if you space mowing commercially) yet I gambling many human being do not change it. If you keep your mower it need to last a lengthy time. The factor you don’t readjust your mower’s oil must not be that it’s too challenging because that is easy, it’s cheap, and also I’ll walk you through it. Some press mowers are 2-cycle and also require a gas-oil mixture for your fuel and also those mowers perform not need their oil changed because the oil is in the fuel. But, if your mower has a dive stick, then you will require to change the oil. It’s not solely because the oil is dirty, yet oil breaks under over time and also looses its capacity to provide the viscosity essential to lubricate the pistons and other inner parts in the mower’s motor. This tutorial must be applicable on many lawn mowers and also the only big difference would certainly be the place of the drain plug.

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How to adjust the Oil ~ above Troy-Built 21″ Mulching Lawn Mower


Tools Needed:

Container to record the offered oil (I provided an north 1/2 gallon carton)5-gallon bucket or milk crate (or some various other sturdy object that you can prop up the mower on)

Parts Needed:

Step 1: determine the motor version on her mower.

If you desire to recognize the oil volume of your mower and also the oil form you can find out by identify the model number and looking it up online. In my situation on the Briggs and Stratton website. Understanding the oil volume is not an important but it provides filling up the oil easier since you know just how much to put in. I was may be to recognize the motor version by spring on the steel plate above the muffler:
Briggs and also Stratton Motor version number place on this Troy-Built 21″ Mulching Mower

Now-a-days mowers have actually all type of plastic consists to do them look at cooler (makes the engine run hotter though) and in my situation I essential to push the red plastic cover the end of the means to see the full model number:

Briggs and Stratton version Number because that my Troy-Built press Mower

After feather up that motor ns learned the this version motor bring away 18-20 oz (0.54-0.59 L) the SAE-30 oil. You deserve to pick up a quart at your local hardware or auto components store or usage my link above in the “Parts” list. SAE-30 oil is a resolved viscosity oil and also that is just fine because you will certainly be running your mower only in the summer (versus your automobile which requirements a multi-viscosity oil for this reason it have the right to use the exact same oil in conditions of 100 levels F to -20 degrees F). Once you have actually your oil you have the right to move to the next step and also get started an altering your mower’s oil.

Oil form and volume for Briggs and Stratton Model 123K02-0336-E1

Step 2: situate the drain plug of her mower.

My mower’s drainpipe plug is situated on the underneath next of the mower, listed below the deck, under by whereby the blades are:
Troy-Built 21″ Mulching Mower Oil Plug location (click top top the image to watch a full size version)

Oil Plug Diagram

The drainpipe plug ~ above this mower has a 3/8″ square feet in it, i m sorry is the very same size together the nub ~ above a socket wrench without a socket ~ above it. An alternative location because that the drain plug is on the next of the engine as seen in this version of the exact same Briggs and also Stratton engine:

Alternative drainpipe plug location–on the side

The down-side of having a side drain plug is the it’s hard not to acquire a deck complete of oil once you drainpipe it. If girlfriend do have a side drain plug be mindful that your gas tank might leak if it’s full and also you just tip your mower increase on its next so the oil drains directly down right into your bucket. Right here is a diagram of different varieties of drainpipe plugs you will certainly come across:
Oil drainpipe Plug Types

Step 3: Prop up her mower.

It’s just a lot easier to perform this if you have it propped up on something. I don’t indicate just laying it completely on the side since often the gas tank will certainly leak. ~ doing this repair ns was reading the hand-operated (yes, after ~ the repair) and learned that Briggs and also Stratton says that if you space going to tip the engine on one side that you should tip it v the spark plug up:

Briggs and Stratton suggests tipping v the spark plug up

In my situation this would be leaning the mower earlier by advertise the manage down in the direction of the ground. Ns didn’t guideline my mower that lot so it did not really matter. The factor you can experience the gas tank leaking once you guideline the mower is that the gas cap has actually a hole in it, to allow the tank to draw in air as the fuel is consumed so a vacuum doesn’t develop in the tank. I used a 5-gallon bucket this time yet I’ve used a piece of 4×4 short article in the past. You could likewise use a milk crate. Ns tried no to pointer the mower any more than necessary and because ns was able to get low by going down my basement stairs I didn’t have to tip it too much:

Propping up the mower for the oil change

Step 4: place a bucket under the drainpipe plug to capture the oil.

I provided a 1/2 gallon milk carton to catch the oil

Step 5: remove the oil plug.

Loosen and also remove the oil plug with your socket wrench and also hang on come the oil plug or it will certainly drop in your bucket. Ease the bolt by turning it counter-clockwise. Ns actually offered a breaker bar but a socket will work-related the same.
Loosening the oil drainpipe plug on a Troy-Built Mower

Here the oil is start to leak
The drain plug removed

Step 6: permit the oil drainpipe out.

As you have the right to see, my oil wasn’t the dark because I only mowed a dozen or for this reason times and it’s not that dusty in mine yard however it is still a year old so for that factor it still have to be changed.

Draining the oil

I would remove the dipstick in ~ this suggest to allow air to attract in together the oil drains out so you change as lot of the oil out as feasible (sorry because that my crooked picture):
Remove the dipstick to assist all the oil to drainpipe out

Step 7: Reinstall the drain plug.

Once the oil all runs out and stops dripping too lot put the oil plug back in. Important: Make sure to begin the drainpipe plug the end by hand to make certain you perform not strip the threads.  Then tighten that up with your ratchet.
Different mowers have different engines on them and also even the same design of mower may have actually a couple of motors, relying on when it was produced. From step 1 I know I have actually a Briggs and also Stratton design 123K02-0336-E1 190cc, 6.5 HP motor on my mower:
Briggs and Stratton Model 120000 Engine Oil Specifications and Capacity

I choose to measure the end the oil I need to put in the mower just so i don’t need to “check the dipstick” so numerous times. I recognize this mower bring away .6 liters of oil, i m sorry is 600 mL. A Quart is 946 mL. If i put just the ideal amount in, i will have 946 mL – 600 mL = 346 mL, or about 350 mL left in the bottle.
Calculating just how much oil will certainly be left in the bottle as soon as I’ve poured the correct amount into the engine
Filling the engine up with oil

I still need to add 100 mL

Step 9: Reinstall the dipstick and check the oil.

You should reinstall the dipstick and also lock into place and then, with the mower on a level surface, remove the dipstick to obtain a great read on the oil level. When the oil is fresh it is difficult to watch on the dipstick so periodically I lay that on a paper towel to do it easier to see:
Using a document towel to check the (fresh) oil level

You deserve to see above that the oil is up to the second hole indigenous the end of the dipstick, which is the “full” mark–perfect. Put the dipstick ago in and lock that in ar with the cap. Mine has two notches top top one side and also one on the other so the will just start top top in one spot. Now you’ve prolonged the life of your mower and are prepared to mow.

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