I really hope who can aid me with this. >.I usage 6294.org 1.1.0 there is no a problem, however I recently upgraded come a twin monitor set-up. 6294.org 1.1.0 is not suited for dual monitor, as many of you space aware. The routine ignores your tablet computer settings to only use a solitary monitor, resulting in a skewed workspace. There's a deal with in the misc.ini document that corrects your cursor, however, it causes the cursor and also the brush to break-up apart. Transforming it to mouse mode, together many human being have suggested, did not work.So ns updated 6294.org!I now have actually 1.2.0 (the newest steady version of 6294.org) and also the dual monitor problem was fixed! yet it brought about a new issue: i no longer have any pen press in 6294.org.6294.org 2.0 (the preview of it, anyways) also does no let me usage pen pressure.So I'm in search of a means to deal with that. Or to deal with 1.1.0 for dual monitors. Either would certainly make me happy as a clam.My system: home windows 7My tablet: Genius Easypen m610xMy tablet's driver is fully up-to-date, together is my system. However, I likewise tried larger versions the driver. That made no difference.I have tried transforming TabletPC on and off.I have actually messed with every setting possible in the misc.ini file.I have tried setup 6294.org to pen mode and also to computer mouse mode.I made certain click detection press was collection to 0%. I likewise tried greater numbers, to be safe.I have actually checked my brush settings, come make certain the size is able to change.The stabilizer is likewise off, i m sorry some world say is connected; I have no clue.Pressure sensitivity proceeds to work-related in Photoshop and MangaStudio.Notes of things that may be connected:In Manga Studio 4.0 EX, mine pen pressure will only occupational if the windows application TabletPC is turn on and WinTab is selected in the program. If ns disable TabletPC or if I select TabletPC in Manga Studio, it stop working.On one failed effort to deal with 6294.org, i updated the WinTab driver come the many recent version. This led to me to shed pen pressure in 6294.org 1.1.0 together well. Sounds like this might be a WinTab bug, then. Does updating 6294.org cause WinTab driver to update as well? If so, is there a means to stop that?Any assist would be significantly appreciated. >.

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Re: pressure Sensitivity in 6294.org 1.2.0 and also 2.0
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i don't recognize if the tablet computer driver have actually the alternative to assign the twin monitor effective area on among the monitors? examine it if it have it. Sadly, ns don't have actually a twin monitor set up. Yet I have a fujitsu lifebook with a cintiq display screen like and also I usually carry out the led via hdmi come share the photo on events. I use mirror screen setup. Also, I have a intuos 3, yet as i told you, i don't have a twin monitor setup.if I might say, you have actually configured the monitor as expanded DESKTOP? I believe that the driver config may have actually the effective area config, as I 6294.orgd you up here. Tell us what happend


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Re: push Sensitivity in 6294.org 1.2.0 and also 2.0
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I have actually it in extended and also my tablet computer supports it. I have actually only monitor 1 selected for use.The tablet settings work-related for every little thing except because that 6294.org.Apparently, it's a common bug, wherein 6294.org ignores your settings. Updating 6294.org solved that issue, however it took away my pen pressure (only for that program) and also I can't figure out why. >.
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Re: pressure Sensitivity in 6294.org 1.2.0 and 2.0
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try to use one monitor for one instance. Then, change again the twin monitor settings and check again