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I recently obtained the question about cutting a slot into a glass brick. He pointed out most of the info online was about drilling a big hole in them so lights have the right to be inserted inside. Drilling a hole in the hollow glass block has end up being a well-known craft but I wasn’t aware that they marketed solid bricks i m sorry is an amazing idea itself for even sandcarving really deep into. The below are some links to examples:

He desires to reduced a slot in the glass brick therefore he might insert a picture inside. Since he couldn’t find information top top this, I want to provide some of the listed below ideas. I have never reduced a slot into a glass brick or a block but the listed below suggestions is what ns think would work. If anyone else has actually done this, please leave a comment below.

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Side Note: ns didn’t think about the truth that cutting right into the cross ar of a heavy glass brick would etch (cloud) the inside until after creating these ideas. For this reason it most likely isn’t even feasible to plainly see a photograph put inside that unless perhaps the photo is sandwiched in in between a coating of clear epoxy. It can be possible that the clear epoxy will certainly fill in the inside etched glass to make it clean again but maybe not- it would need to be tested. The clean epoxy idea is disputed at the bottom that this post.

Oscillating strength Tool with Diamond Grit Blade

My very first thought to be to usage an oscillating power tool with a diamond grit blade. I have only newly used among these tools for general use (not glass working) and they job-related really well. It usually moves earlier and forth probably an eighth or quarter inch at high speeds. The tool doesn’t hammer from next to next as much as I thought it would.

However, the only worry with this is that i haven’t found one long enough to cut deeper than probably a couple inches. For a glass block, it must work fine since the glass is much less than an inch till it hits the hole part.

For a heavy glass brick, you would certainly either need to discover a oscillating diamond tongue long enough for your photograph or change a shorter blade. It can be feasible to cut the the blade in fifty percent and elongate it v a piece of sheet steel in between. You would certainly probably have to lightly tack weld the sheet metal with the previous blade sides.


Example of the flush reduced blade with diamond grit.

There space at the very least 3 various blade shapes that ns think would work-related for cutting into a glass brick:

Flush reduced BladeSwing BladeSemi-Cirle cut Blade

The right flush reduced blade might work simply fine. It would be easier to make the reduced inside straight all the method down v the brick. If the seems choose there are concerns cutting, you might want to start with the swing or semi-circle blade shape, complied with up with the flush reduced to do the bottom corners square.

Reciprocating Saw v Diamond Grit Blade

For hollow glass blocks, this is basic one. Every you would have to do is drill a big enough feet in the height for a reciprocating blade to right in, then cut slots top top both sides of the hole.

Alternatively, you could just use a hole saw to reduced out a hole, role up the photograph to insert it inside and also use a pen to open it up. Clear glue might be offered to make the corners stick. You might be able to use this other member’s idea he mutual on utilizing a balloon to push the picture up against the inside. Friend would just need to it is in cautious around glue adhering to the balloon inside.

When cut solid glass bricks through a reciprocating saw, girlfriend would require obviously require to cut through that edge to edge. This may be unpleasant looking and also the picture could slide out on the sides yet I have another idea because that this in ~ the end of the post.

Reciprocating observed on Amazon:

Diamond Reciprocating Saw chisels on Amazon:

Hand Bow, transaction or Hacksaw through Diamond Grit Blade

If friend don’t mental hand sawing through the glass, friend can try using a bow saw, coping observed or hacksaw that is broad and tall sufficient for your glass brick. Then you would require to discover a diamond grit blade to fit it.

You should shot searching with among those terms to discover something that will certainly work. You deserve to see some instances here:

Bandsaw v Diamond Grit blade or large Ring Glass Saw

There are ring saws specially produced cutting glass but I haven’t watched one large enough come cut huge slots in the cross section of a piece of glass.

Another idea is to use a broad bandsaw through a diamond grit blade. You would just need come make sure it is broad enough for the glass you have to cut. More research the the different brands would must be done right here to see if any type of are broad enough for your picture.

How to to fill in the Slot edges After photo is Inside

Since that seems favor the easiest way to reduced a slot in a glass brick is to do a cross section saw reduced from edge come edge. My assumed is after the photo is inserted in the cut slot, you can just reseal the glass block up through a clear epoxy resin.

You can find all species of epoxy brands and also quantities ~ above Amazon here:

Epoxy resin can gain a little bit expensive however it should go a long method since pour it until it is full a thinly cut slot won’t take a lot of to fill it.

You could need come clamp a plank on every side that the glass slot to hold in the fluid epoxy till it dries. Friend would just pour in the blended epoxy v the top. Once dry, eliminate the timber sides and sand that smooth.

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Please permit me understand your thoughts or questions

So overall, these space my ideas that might help. If you have actually tried one of these, let me understand what works ideal for girlfriend in the listed below comment section.

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