Calculating the fraction of a whole number is a an extremely useful skill to find out that help students to recognize the nature the numbers and also their interactions. In this article, we"ll define how to calculation 1/5 the 100 with step-by-step-examples.

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Looking because that fractions of whole number worksheets? Click here to see all of our free fraction of a number worksheets.

Calculating the Answer together a Number

The simple rule come remember whenever you desire to find a fraction of an lot is to divide the amount by the fraction"s denominator, and also then multiply that answer by the fraction. Making use of this rule, you"ll have the ability to work out the fractional lot of the original number. Let"s work-related it out together.

First us take the amount, 100, and also divide it by the denominator, 5:

As you can see, the answer come the concern "what is 1/5 of 100?" together a number is 20.

Increase or decrease an quantity by a Fraction

What if you wanted to boost or to decrease 100 by 1/5? when you have calculated the prize above, 20, friend deduct that amount native the entirety number come decrease the by 1/5 and you add it to increase:

Calculating the Answer together a Fraction

Sometimes, you could want to present your price as one more fraction. In the case, we have the right to do the following.

First, we take the totality number and turn it right into a portion by utilizing 1 as the portion denominator:

Now the we have two fractions, we have the right to multiply the numerators and denominators together to gain our price in portion form:

We have the right to simplify this new portion down to lower terms. To perform that we need to understand something in mathematics which is referred to as the GCD, or greatest usual divisor.

I won"t go with the measures of finding the GCD right here as we"ll cover it in a future article, however for currently all you require to understand is that the greatest common divisor the 100 and also 5 is 5.

Using the GCD, we deserve to divide the new numerator (100) and also the denominator (5) through 5 to simplify the fraction:

Now you might have noticed the the fraction we have has a numerator that is larger than the denominator. This is dubbed a blended or improper portion and method that over there is a totality number involved. We have the right to simplify this under to a combined number.

We"ll put together a blog short article on converting improper fountain to a combined number to describe those steps in an ext detail, however for the functions of this article, we"ll go ahead and just offer you the mixed number answer:

Hopefully this post helps you come understand just how you have the right to work with fractions of whole numbers and work this out conveniently for yourself whenever you need it.

Practice fraction of Number Worksheets

Like many math problems, detect the portion of a number is something the will acquire much less complicated for girlfriend the more you practice the problems and the more you practice, the an ext you understand.

Whether you space a student, a parent, or a teacher, friend can produce your very own fractions that a whole number worksheets making use of our fraction of a number worksheet generator. This completely complimentary tool will let girlfriend create completely randomized, differentiated, portion of a number troubles to help you v your learning and also understanding the fractions.

Practice fractions of a Number utilizing Examples

If you desire to continue learning about how to calculation the fraction of a entirety number, take it a look at the rapid calculations and also random calculations in the sidebar to the best of this blog post.

We have noted some of the most usual fractions in the fast calculation section, and a an option of totally random fractions together well, to assist you work-related through a variety of problems.

Each short article will show you, step-by-step, how to occupational out the portion of any type of whole number and also will aid students to really learn and also understand this process.

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Calculate Another portion of a Number

Enter your fraction in the A and also B boxes, and your entirety number in the C box below and click "Calculate" to calculation the portion of the number.