A Hacky sack (or a foot bag), is a an easy foot cushion. Find out to do one in this DIY project.

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What girlfriend need

Leather threadNeedlesPlastic pelletsLeather


For making a foot bag or hacky sack, friend will need the following items. Once you have actually these, follow the instructions later on this web page for make a four panel animal leather footbag.

Leather: I collection scraps that soft, thin, leather scraps as well as synthetic suede’s from miscellaneous sources including fabric and also leather shops, mail catalogues and also other crafters. Nice, thin, supple deerskin, pigskin, etc. Works best for a basic four-panel bag. For multi-panel bags prefer the 12 or the 32 panel, use facile or Ultrasuede scrap.

Thread: Use man-made sinew break-up to its thinnest (comes four ply) width. Sinew come in a substantial spool for around $8.

Needles: because that sewing genuine leather, usage a glovers needle, a 3 edged needle i m sorry cuts with leather (or your finger!) prefer butter. Berman has them. For synthetics, any kind of long, narrow, spicy needle will certainly do. Some folks pre-cut their holes and also lace up your sacks through a blunt, stubby needle. For mass production this might be inevitable, but a one-of-a-kind, tradition product originates from intuitive placement of stitches.

plastic toy pellets: also though these suckers come through the boatload, civilization have problem finding them. Any type of factory or fabrication tree that makes plastic bags or injection molded objects starts v raw pellets. Castle spill huge piles follow me the railroad tracks once they unload train cars.

Making A four Panel Footbag:

Essentially, you are going to develop a sphere inside out, using four “chubby” triangles of soft deerskin or other leather. When you are practically complete, the bag is turned best side out, filled through plastic pellets and sewn closed native the outside…

1. Thread your needle with a item of separation sinew 3 ft long, double the thread and tie both ends into a beefy (triple) node at the bottom.

2. Lay 2 pieces one on peak of the various other (the political parties you like facing inward) and begin sewing one seam with an (in and also out) “running” stitch.

3. In ~ the corner include tension to your seam giving it the distinctive “wiggly” watch and include piece number three with every (3) corners touching. Sew under the next seam (as pictured).

4. Continue adding equal tension as friend sew each seam and also at the next corner add the fourth and final piece.

5. Now that the four pieces room attached, continue assembling the sack and sewing increase the (6) seams. Remember, every corner should it is in the junction of three different panels.

6. After ~ your fourth or fifth seam, you will come to a dead end. Nothing panic. Once you do, usage the head of the needle come loop under number of stitches currently in place and also “hitchhike” your means back to the ar that remains undone. Start and also sew approx. 1/2 of the final seam and also then upper and lower reversal the bag ideal side out.

7. Indigenous the outside, the final seam is close up door differently. I speak to it a “blind” stitch because later, as soon as you pull it closed, girlfriend won’t check out the thread. First, lug the needle up and out through the lip of leather wherein the subject is lying, “escaping” it come the outside surface. (From now on, all sewing will certainly be excellent from the outside. Ie: friend won’t placed the suggest of the needle inside the hole again). Currently cross over to the contrary lip and pierce (from above) and exit the same item with one, little bite. Cross back to the various other side and do the same. Repeat back and forth until there remains about one finger broad of opening (see picture).


Foot Bag Instructions

8. To fill bag come taste. If you can’t situate plastic, lentils, pearl barley, popcorn or rice functions for starts (watch chipmonks!). Proceed the remote stitch using up remaining an are all the method into the last corner. Once there remains only one stitch left, tree it so her needle exits using up virtually all staying space.

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Manicure the last seam and pull and change your last tension. Build a bombproof knot straight at floor zero, reduced your thread. Now very closely tuck the knot right into the seam straight under the location of the last stitch. If the placement and also tension the the last stitch space done correctly, the knot will certainly disappear entirely into the inner of the finished ball. With exercise you can magically close every bag.

This job on just how to make your very own foot bags and Hacky Sacks was added by Daniel. Visit http://www.valinet.com/~dbotkin/sew.html visit his website for much more information on Foot bags