The pan translation, which has actually been going for about five year (!) has lastly been completed! You have the right to now play story of Vesperia PS3 in english!


More info here.

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I hope several of you will find this relax useful, and also hopefully short article some pictures or videos of her playthrough!



Trophies work and also you don"t need custom firmware because that this spot if you have an ODE set up on your PS3.


I think the translation patch because that the trophies (they also translated the trophy list!) still permits you to earn them together well, however makes the video game glitch leading to the brand-new Game+ option to no appear.

Basically, install the key patch but don"t install the trophy patch.


I"ve currently Platinumed it yet would gladly go earlier to it to understand the story and also play Unknown setting
ns tried reading the instructions to download the patch yet they it seems to be ~ quite complex for a pc noob choose me. Also, it seems you require to discover a way yourself come decrypt/encrypt
ns don"t know what that means and how to carry out it. I would love to see a video guide of someone installing the spot or if someone might explain points in a simpler way that"d be awesome. Together the post above says, has actually anyone tried play the game with the patch?

Guys, can any of girlfriend vouch for this? will SONY banish or even care? carry out they have actually a way to figure it out?

In addition, is over there some kind of video clip tutorial? on youtube you obtain nothing buy playthrough videos..




Better late 보다 never! I"m rather happy about this hentaimangaly funded translation, but I could understand the original language of story of Vesperia also


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