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I simply recently purchased a 2011 2LT Malibu v remote start and also i was wondering what is necessary to regimen another an essential fob to it without going to GM if the possible...any suggestions

Unfortunately to continue to be out the the stealership it looks prefer you"ll need $4000 to buy you yourself a GM tech 2 speed Dealership Scan Tool. You can always shot a locksmith, or cheaper do friends through someone in ~ the dealership.I hope someone to know something ns don"t though.
I simply recently to buy a 2011 2LT Malibu with remote start and also i to be wondering what is necessary to routine another an essential fob to it there is no going come GM if the possible...any suggestions
No provisions exist for the client to program the fobs on your own. If you just purchased it, the offering dealer might be willing to regime it because that you in ~ no charge. It"s not a lengthy procedure. Doesn"t hurt to ask.
Just to buy a far from ~ above ebay. Number matched the gm part number on my keyfob. Take it it to my buddy"s shop. He supplied his technology 2 scan tool and also programmed both remotes in less than 90 seconds. Mine dealer want 40 bucks to do this. Therefore you do not have to go to a dealer.btw...keyfob expense me 16.99 with totally free shipping
I had the same problem as you a few months ago. The dealership want $95 to reprogram the remotes. No local locksmiths would do it either. I little the bullet and also went come the dealership. Luckily the male was quite enough and also reprogrammed the FOBs because that no charge and said, and also I quote, "If i am walking to fee you that lot for 1 minute the work, i might too punch you in the confront as well." we both laughed and also I go on mine way.Sometimes the employees identify the errors of their employers and will reduced you a break. Its precious a try.
Just purchase a remote from top top ebay. Number matched the gm component number on mine keyfob. Took it to mine buddy"s shop. He supplied his tech 2 scan tool and programmed both remotes in much less than 90 seconds. Mine dealer wanted 40 bucks to execute this. Therefore you perform not have to go to a dealer.btw...keyfob expense me 16.99 with cost-free shipping
A tech 2 through Candi runs about 4 cool & the annual subscription is $3100. For this reason yeah, most folks have to visit a dealer. Very few shops deserve to afford such a specialized tool.
Had the very same problem however I check out the instructions. You have to press and release the lock switch then automatically press the start button and hold for two seconds. The lights will flash come let you recognize it received the signal and also it will begin for 10 minutes. You deserve to do the exact same thing for an additional 10 minutes before it stops yet only that one time for prolonged 10 minutes. You can likewise stop it by pressing the start button.
Ok so this could be a lengthy shot. I live in Bristol and tried to resource a programmer and vital dealer locally without having to import that also (the vital that came with it no much longer works). I"ve been assured by mine locksmith cotham that they have the tools to regime a fob, but I need to first get my hand on the fob. Everyone know any type of UK dealers that may be able to help? make is same as OP"s. Thanks.

Ok for this reason this might be a long shot. Ns live in Bristol and tried to source a programmer and crucial dealer locally without having actually to income that as well (the crucial that came v it no longer works). I"ve to be assured by mine locksmith cotham the they have the devices to regime a fob, however I need to very first get my hands on the fob. Everyone know any UK dealers that may be able to help? do is same as OP"s. Thanks.
Assuming you very own a 2008-12 Malibu, you deserve to purchase the fob with electronic devices on Amazon for a great price.

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HOW TO!Remote regulate Door Lock, Theft Deterrent, and also Remote start Transmitter package Installation (InstructionID:23257090)Installation Instructions part Number23257090Kit ContentsQtyDescription2Key Fobs1One page Installation Instructions v Authorization code LabelTools RequiredScan device (with happen Thru programming capability)Service Programming SystemProcedureNote: Please review this entire procedure prior to trying to do it.If the automobile was ordered v the Accessory Remote begin kit, there is no programming required. This deserve to be verified by check the VIN in the inspection Vehicle history system, IVH. If the vehicle was built with RPO code S6P, the vehicle was produced with the correct device software and no contact to TCSC is required. Once the brand-new fobs room learned to the car the download in complete.If the Accessory Remote start kit is being added to a vehicle and also S6P is not listed in the RPO construct of the vehicle. Speak to TCSC to acquire a VCI number. United claims 1-888-337-1010 Canada (English) 1-800-828-6860 Canada (French) 1-800-503-3222. Girlfriend must have actually the vehicle"s VIN that will be upgraded and the Authorization code from kit. This will allow you to access the software application to permit the remote auto start option.Programming SectionProgramming VehicleBody manage Module Programming and also Setup (Calibrate the BCM because that BTV)Note:DO NOT program a manage module uneven directed come by a service procedure or a business bulletin. If the ECU is not effectively configured with the correct calibration software, the ECU will not control every one of the automobile features properly.Ensure the programming device is equipped with the latest software and is securely connected to the data connect connector. If there is an interruption during programming, programing failure or ECU damage may occur.Stable battery voltage is an important during programming. Any type of fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will certainly interrupt programming. Install the EL - 49642 SPS Programming assistance Tool to preserve system voltage. If no available, attach a fully charged 12V jumper or booster fill disconnect native the AC voltage supply. Perform NOT affix a battery charger.Turn off or disable systems that might put a pack on the vehicles battery such as; interior lights, exterior lamp (including daytime running lights), HVAC, radio, etc.During the programming procedure, follow the SPS prompts for the correct ignition switch position.Clear DTCs after programming is complete. Clearing powertrain DTCs will collection the Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) system status indications to NO.Reprogramming ECUTo regimen an existing BCM, perform the complying with procedure:Install EL - 49642 SPS programming support tool.Access the organization Programming system (SPS) and also follow the on-screen instructions.On the SPS supported Controllers screen, pick BCM Body regulate Module – programming and also follow the on-screen instructions.Perform the following for the ideal ignition type prior come proceeding with the following step:Key Ignition System: crucial in the ignition and also any added keys need to be far from the auto at the very least 3 meters.Push button Start System: Keyless entry transmitter should be in the console programming pocket. Describe the aid section button on the SPS Immobilizer Setup display screen for the specific pocket location. All added transmitters should be far from the car at the very least 3 meters.Note: The adhering to programming step may take in between 10 - 12 min. And progress will show up to have actually stopped throughout this process. This is a normal protection timer response and a restart must not be performed. If the DTC B389A collection immediately ~ programming a replacement BCM, the Immobilizer learn procedure to be not properly completed. The Immobilizer learn procedure needs to be performed again.Note: Deleting existing tricks or Transponders without far start switch – this will certainly render the subject key(s) inoperable. This step will however, allow the new transponders come correspond through the memory seat locations. – Skip step 5 if the car is no equipped v Memory Seats.On the SPS supported Controllers screen, choose IMMO Immobilizer discover - Setup. Top top the next screen, choose (Program Transponder or Remote vital (Delete). To Delete currently keys and remotes, follow the on-screen instructions. When Delete present keys and also remote is complete, monitor on–screen instructions and exit the Immobilizer find out mode. Repeat this action to delete any type of remaining remotes.Note: Adding brand-new Keys or Transponders v remote begin button.On the SPS sustained Controllers screen, select IMMO Immobilizer discover - Setup. Top top the following screen, pick (Program Transponder or Remote crucial (Add). To include existing Transponder or remote Keys, follow the on-screen instructions. When Immobilizer discover is complete, push the Unlock button on the keyless entry transmitter to enable the keyless entry transmitter to departure the Immobilizer find out mode. Repeat this step to include any extr remotes.Note: as soon as performing the Tire push Monitor Sensor Learn throughout BCM setup, the EL-46079 tire pressure monitor diagnostic tool have to be used to activate each tire push sensor because that vehicles v UJM.On the SPS sustained Controllers screen, pick BCM Body regulate Module - Setup and also follow the on-screen instructions.Check the driver information center display for added messages about further calibration instructions. If there space no additional driver information facility instructions present, programming is complete.At the end of programming, pick the “Clear every DTCs” role on the SPS screen.If ABS, Traction manage and/or Stabilitrak signs are ON and DTC C0161 is set in the digital brake regulate module ~ performing BCM programming and also setup, execute the following;Disconnect the scan tool from the data link connector.Ignition OFF, all accessibility doors closed, all car systems OFF, and all secrets at least 3 meters away from the vehicle. It might take as much as 2 minutes to power down.Ignition ON, verify DTC C0161 is in history. If not, repeat the over step to make certain the auto is in sleep mode.Use the scan device to clear the DTCs.Unsuccessful Programming RecoveryIn the event of an interrupted or unsuccessful programming event, perform the following steps:DO NOT turn the ignition OFF. Ensure that all ECU, DLC and programming tool connections are secure and the TIS terminal operating software application is as much as date.Attempt come reprogram the ECU.If the ECU can still no be programmed, revolve the ignition turn off for at the very least one minute.Turn the ignition ON and attempt to reprogram the ECU. The ECU should program.If the ECU still cannot be programmed, replace the ECU.Add the transmitters to the customer an essential rings and return come customer.Return the old transmitters to customer.Note: The first two transmitters programmed will serve together the grasp keys, identify seat positions with each that the 2 transmitters.To Erase every Fobs and also RelearnNote:All transmitters should be programmed in a single programming sequence. When the Erase/Program All vital Fobs selection is made, every learned transmitters will certainly be erased. If every the currently transmitters connected with the auto are no learned in ~ this time, they will come to be inoperative and also require added programming.Do not operate or routine the transmitters in the vicinity of various other vehicles that space in the transmitter program mode. This will prevent the programming of the transmitters come the incorrect vehicle.This procedure will an initial erase all known keyless entrance transmitters. After all transmitters room erased, the procedure will start to routine keyless entry transmitters in sequential order, start with transmitter 1.With a scan tool, accessibility the Body manage Module Configuration/Reset functions menu. Choose Add/Replace crucial Fobs.Select Erase/Program Fobs. This will erase all learned transmitters and prepare the BCM come learn new transmitters. Monitor the on-screen instructions.When all the preferred transmitters have been programmed, cycle the ignition native ON come OFF, leave the vehicle, and operate the transmitter features in order to verify correct system operation.To save existing fobs together 1 & 2 and learn the RVS fobs together 3 & 4:Note: execute not operate or regimen the transmitters in the vicinity of various other vehicles that space in the keyless entry regime mode. This avoids the programming that the transmitters come the untrue vehicle.This procedure will regimen keyless entrance transmitters in sequential order. If two transmitters are right now learned come the automobile as transmitters 1 and also 2, utilizing this procedure will discover the following transmitter space transmitter 3, and also so on.With a scan tool, access the Body manage Module Configuration/Reset functions menu. Pick Add/Replace key Fobs.Select Next obtainable Slot. Monitor the on-screen instructions.When every the desired transmitters have actually been programmed, bicycle the ignition native ON to OFF, exit the vehicle, and also operate the transmitter functions in order to verify correct system operation.