You might not realize this, but changing your Harley Davidson seat is one integral component of the bike maintenance process. There space multiple reasons why you’d should replace or eliminate your seat. For example, your old one may have worn out, is torn and also you should install the brand-new seat. Or you might simply require to access some the the other materials of the bike.

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There space multiple models the end there the have different seat remove methods. Come ensure that you keep your two-wheeler in great condition, refer to this overview on how to eliminate the chair from a Harley Davidson Ultra-Classic.

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removed the chair of her Ultra-ClassicWhy You need to Remove your Motorcycle Seat

Materials compelled To remove the Seat

One the the most essential things you need to remember is that not all Harley seats room the same. Therefore, you might require various tools for various Harley models. To recognize the sort of chair you have, I suggest you go through your bike’s service manual. This little booklet has all the info on the construct of your Harley Davidson.

To eliminate the seat from your Harley Davidson Ultra-Classic, here are the tools you will need:

T-25 star bit7/16 socket or a constant nut driveCordless driver

Once you have actually all this materials, you have the right to move on come removing the seat of her Ultra-Classic.

Removing the chair of her Ultra-Classic

One that the main things prior to removing the seat is taking out the backrest. The backrest ~ above the Ultra-Classic is no like many Harleys. A bulk of Harley-Davidsons have two rods in your backrests the you have to squeeze together to have the ability to pull out. The Ultra-Classic, however, calls for the use of the T-25 star bit and also a 7/16 socket or continuous nut drive stated earlier.

Understand the Anatomy of the Seat

Before friend start, know that there room three main contents to the Ultra-Classic saddle: the backrest, the strap, and the rear fender. Girlfriend will need to remove the backrest, eliminate the strap i m sorry is bolted in by a nut, and lastly, friend will have to remove the ago nut off of the rear fender.


Before remove the strap, know which side of the strap is dismountable due to the fact that one side is stationary when the various other isn’t. If you’re having actually trouble knowledge this, describe your company manual.

Remove the Strap


~ you’ve followed these steps, you can now remove the seat through ease. Remember, yes sir a little metal clip attached within the seat. Therefore, you desire to choose up the seat at an incline and also slide it out so friend don’t damage the metal clip or the seat.

You have the right to now access other contents of the bicycle or you can replace her seat through a brand-new one. Mental to solve the chair the same way it to be earlier. Refer to the photo you took earlier to close the bolts in the very same positions in the backrest too.

Why You need to Remove your Motorcycle Seat

If there’s one area on a motorcycle that has actually a opportunity of wearing out faster, the the motorcycle seat. However, changing or removing her motorcycle seat need to be your last resort. Unless you need to remove the seat to accessibility other components of the bike, there room multiple choices out over there you can think about making her seat an ext comfortable.

The chair Wears Out

One the the most typical reasons for transforming or removing motorcycle seat is because they space worn out. Common factors that cause wear and tear are sunlight, friction, sweat, and also water.However, you don’t need to adjust your chair frequently. Normally, a saddle beginning wearing out after a year of normal use. If you check out minor indications of wear and also tear choose scratches and also discoloration, friend don’t need to worry. On the other hand, if you notice deep gashes where the foam within starts gushing out, girlfriend will need to adjust the seat.

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You’ve more than likely never considered an altering the chair on her Ultra-Classic or any kind of bike for the matter. However, the chair is critical component of her bike. Friend can always go come a bike repair shop and also get the seat fixed.