I recognize there space a few threads going over the instead of of the reduced ball joints, ns don"t want to take anything far from other members" how-to"s and also with the being said, alot of this come from advice of stated members but I think ns took a different approach this time and wanted to share.

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I went v the MOOG K6663 LBJ"s and also used the 23 piece collection from development Auto Parts.Before you begin this process, ns recommend spraying the axle nut and also the peak of the reduced ball joints v some PB Blaster the job before and also let it soak.There will certainly be pics native both sides but the procedure is the same.First action is to loosen the axle nut and also remove it until the seed is simply passed the object of the shaft, leave the tires on the ground because that this.


To lessen the possibility of damaging the nut, I offered a piece of 2x4 to break the axle loose..it take it a few good whacks.

Raise the car to a good working height, prob a little an ext than normal and also support through a jack stand, eliminate tire and also place under frame for safety.Remove the speed sensor clip here.


At this point you want to have the steering wheel centered.I offered an adjustable rubber cargo strap, this kind doesn"t large as much as the various other types, and a size of chain with two S-hooks from another cargo strap and they both fit within the hole over the strut mount. The arrowhead shows wherein I enclosed the chain yet I an initial set it to this length then collection it aside for later. The chain will not enable the knuckle to autumn off the LBJ if attached, the cargo strap just takes the weight off.Route the strap and chain under
the upper regulate arm.
I am going come leave everything attached come the steering knuckle simply to prevent removing overfill parts. Granted this means is heavier to move roughly but resolved just fine. Girlfriend could also remove the caliper and bracket as a whole and also the rotor to make the knuckle simpler to move about but that choice is yours.Attach the rubber cargo strap come the reduced caliper bolt.
Loosen the nut below the reduced ball joint until the threads room no much longer visible, the nut is a 24MM however I discovered that a 15/16" socket fit much more snug. Ar a jack under the lower regulate arm as shown.
Take a tiny sledge hammer and also hit the nut until it pops. Then raise the jack a few more inches after the joint stops pulling from the lower regulate arm.http://youtu.be/2iGYfSgZEUwAt this point, eliminate the bolt indigenous the upper control arm.
This video shows me remove the assembly native the reduced ball joint. http://youtu.be/aGdTzrE6NMoAfter you collection the assemby aside, rotate the steering wheel in the direction that the side you room working on, this will certainly pull the assembly far from the joint.Now you must take a chisel and knock the tabs ago into the joint. I provided a much shorter chisel, around 6" and it works, but on the rear tab a longer chisel around 10" would certainly have worked better. Utilizing a shorter chisel you should tap it in ~ a higher angle or have someone host the knuckle assembly away from the LCA. If you do this turn the steering wheel to get access.http://youtu.be/32G1EkgDIN0I to be blessed with a shiny new set, so if every little thing was put ago in the appropriate location for anyone else, these space the ones girlfriend need.
The recipient cup rests under the two tabs on the lower manage arm, make sure the threaded portion of the round joint is through the feet on the bottom. Just use the threaded section of the clamp to push it out. You will require a 1/2" breaker bar 24" in length, a longer one will certainly work however the 24" will fit in the fender well. The press provides a 22MM socket.
You will recognize when that releases.
http://youtu.be/poiq0IYmv-oClean up the bore of the LCA and I applied a thin film of lube.
Remember, the much less adapters you use, the much less chance the it pushing in crooked. The left side went in good with the install cup under the LBJ, the right side preserved going in crooked. Because that the right, I gotten rid of the boot from the LBJ and also used the hole in the clamp which was huge enough to not damages anything.Before placing the LBJ in the bore, note the orientation the the boot.
Use this adapter to gain it started and to drive it many of the way, you will feel resistance once the LBJ contact the adapter about 1/8" native the top.
Ready to go.
You don"t want this come happen, if so, madness it the end on the leaf of the LBJ and try again.
Once you journey the LBJ approximately the adapter, add this ring over the LBJ to complete the install.

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Install snap ring and position the zerk fitting to get access, just don"t position it straight facing the engine.
To collection the assembly back on come the LBJ, you must straighten the wheel again and also tap the axle nut earlier in to gain clearance, don"t forget to eliminate the chain if used. When you have the knuckle top top the LBJ, advanced the assembly and also attach the upper ball joint come the upper manage arm. Tighten the upper sphere joint bolt to 30 foot pounds.Using a pry bar, background the knuckle and also fasten the brand-new nut to the LBJ, tighten come 90 foot pounds every MOOG instructions.
When friend tighten the reduced nut come 90 foot pounds and the hole is obstructed, friend must additional tighten until the hole is unobstructed.
Reattach brake assistance bracket, climate the rate sensor wire.Fill the LBJ with grease till you watch the boot start to swell.Reinstall wheel, tighten lugs to 100 foot pounds.Lower vehicle and also tighten axle nut to 103 foot pounds.Stand up and stretch the back.