Hello Battlefront community, through the recent patch, the combat roll was introduced for every 'standard' troopers and I believe, yet have however to check out it in action, bodyguard systems too.

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With this addition, the default crucial bind is the left Alt an essential on PC.

The Request:

Allow the alternative for double tap one of two people A or D (or any other key which the player designates as relocate left and also move right), to cause the combat roll on computer (and if require be, consoles too).


As a computer player, we have the high-end of gift able come rebind keys to any type of button on a keyboard.

The traditional layout, generally, or the very least the much more popular configuration in gamings nowadays is to have WASD for movement, transition as toggle run/walk, Ctrl because that crouching, left Alt to cause a melee combat move and an are for jump. And if the game contains it, typically a dual tap because that rolling.

This construction is right while in combat and also most importantly, comfortable ~ above the hand for us pc players. I believe most various other PC gamers that play Battlefront have likewise edited their key-binds to this same, or the very least similar, config together well.

Unfortunately, because that Battlefront, the popular crucial bind for computer games above leaves no ideal an are to be able to key-bind a combat roll, there is no it emotion uncomfortable on the hand or azer to execute as us can't use double tap to create it.

To create a combat roll, you need to press the 'combat roll' button (default left Alt) and either A or D (or any kind of other vital bind for movement) because that the direction you desire to roll in at the very same time.

Now try it yourself, however with one exception: don't use the left Alt key, together we have actually that because that melee instead and also don't usage left Ctrl either, together that's for spiriting. Use any kind of other key in that area together a replacement. Awkward isn't it?

Even an ext so if you're stuck in a fire fight through those Rebel scrum or imperial cannon fodder!

I gUeeS over there iS the caps LoCk, yet AS yoU deserve to SEe that isN't good EitHer if YoU're utilizing IT regularly tO chat with ToO if In-GaME. The caps-lock isn't yes, really in a location which is simple to evaluate for your fingers if you're also managing Ctrl because that crouch and also and transition for run/walk throughout a battle.

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TL:DR - Please might we be able to trigger a combat roll left/right, by a double tap that the movement keys? (I would favor to check out stamina for rolling too).