In this episode: "erst" is much much more than just "first". Today, we"ll discover what it have the right to express, exactly how to use it and also why it type of is opposing of "schon".

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Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German word of the Day. Ns hope you room all well and also awake ’cause this time us will have a look at the definition of:


Most of you probably understand that it as first, but erst additionally a translation for only – a particular version the it, to it is in precise. And also once you start digging for the distinction to nur you’ll find one more word there… schon. Dun dunn dunnn. Schon and also erst, 2 sides of the very same coin. Or actually, much more like two views the the same side the the coin. So, space you ready to take it a look? climate let’s go.

And we’ll start with the normal definition of erst

erste(-) as in “not second”

Erst- is the German equivalent for first in the feeling of better 보다 second.

Das erste Date.The first date.

As you deserve to see, erst- it s okay endings, i m sorry is no surprise due to the fact that it is offered as one adjective here. Yet erst isn’t a common adjective and there is one an important difference. For a normal adjective favor schön, we deserve to use a phrasing like the following:

Die Blume ist schön.The flower is pretty.

Here, schön has no ending here, words is supplied in the basic form. This does NOT occupational with erst (and also not with first).

Thomas is first… nopeThomas ist erst… WRONG

In English, we type of need to have an short article here, and we’d most likely also add “one”.

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Thomas is the first (one)

In German, we need simply the article, so that’s great. Yet of course we need to mind gender and also case and also add endings to erst again. So the … well… that sucks.