This is why us love our friends at spain Tips, the best and also most an extensive Latino news curation site on the internet today. This evening Tomás Custer, the owner of hispanic Tips and one that the nicest and also most hard-working guys we understand (he's been doing HT for years, method before it was "hip" to it is in Latino), mutual this linkand it recorded our attention: it looks like Gatorade is gaining all Spanglish.

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The write-up from, titled "No Product Is Immune indigenous Latino Marketing," discusses a brand-new line of spices being created by Gatorade dubbed LIMON PEPINO and also SANDIA CITRUS. Now, psychic you, as soon as we acquired past the truth the the 2 Spanish names showing up on bilingual labeling are absent accents and one of castle (Sandía citrus) is no actual Spanish, we sort of scratched our heads. Why is Gatorade even doing this?


So we review the article from Frontera and also found out the adhering to from the author of the post:

Intrigued, i contacted Gatorade around these new products. A spokesperson stated it was part of a new flavor line referred to as Sabores de Mi Tierra, or Flavors native Home. In addition to the Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber) and Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus), there space melon and tangerine flavors.

Gatorade said this line is the an outcome of solid brand recognition among Latino athletes, and also that consumers found the product "nostalgic" and also "appeals to our culture." The spokesperson additionally gave me a quote that, "The bilingual packaging led to feelings of inclusion and also comfort."

They didn't offer a surname of the Latino customer who claimed that, and I'd be surprised if people really determined their beverages based on Spanglish packaging as opposed come taste.

Also, if this flavors room "From Home" that suggests those who buy it in the U.S. Have actually roots what else, which would certainly be an amazing marketing tack. The Gatorade spokesperson didn't speak if these spices were gift sold external the U.S.

So, what do you think? Is this just one more gimmick by a major American brand to have a special "Latino" product come prove that they are getting all down v the times, or do you think that this is a sign of the times: the relocate for more diverse flavors?

As because that us, just provide us Gatorade Yellow, Orange, and also Fruit Punch. Once we think that the flavors of our "homes," lime cucumber sports drinks space not at the optimal of ours list.We don't need our sports drinks to obtain all "Latino" ~ above us. Over there is just something forced around Gatorade creating new "Latino" flavors and also marketing castle in areas such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, mountain Diego, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta and West Texas.

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If we want to find flavors that are the sabores de nuestra tierra,we look at for other alternatives, like Jarritos. And if we really desire an authentic sporting activities drink we rotate to Golazo.