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Among valuable Polish phrases, compliments are particularly handy in society situations. Providing a compliment have the right to make you feel good, and likewise bring joy to the lives of others. What are the finest Polish compliments, though? store reading and you’ll learn just how to compliment civilization in polish in any type of situation.

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Table of Contents

1. Complimenting Someone’s Appearance


We all compliment someone’s appearance native time come time. And yet, sometimes human being may feeling offended by particular remarks.

The easiest means to prevent making someone feeling uncomfortable is to consider the context prior to complimenting them. Shouting “You room beautiful!” in polish (Jesteś piękna!) to a mrs or “You’re handsome!” (Jesteś przystojny!) to a male on the street is an example of bad manners. In fact, catcalling is a form of street harassment.

Similarly, commenting on someone’s illustration is regularly inappropriate in expert contexts, such together a task interview or a shareholder meeting.

You need to save such compliments for optimistic acquaintances, friends, and also family.

1- polishing Compliments come a Girl or Woman

There’s a number of lovely polishing compliments to a girl or mrs you can use. Right here are part compliments in polish for ladies of any type of age:

A- HairBardzo ładnie ci w tych włosach! (“This hairstyle looks great on you!”)Masz bardzo zadbane włosy. (“Your hair is in good shape!”)Bardzo fajna fryzura! (“What a cool haircut!”)Super cięcie! (“Great haircut!”)B- OutfitAle śliczna sukienka! (“What a lover dress!”)Fajna stylówka! (“Cool style!”)Do twarzy ci w tym kolorze! (“This shade suits you!”)Ekstra/super bluzka! (“I love her shirt!”)Podoba mi się twoja torebka. (“I prefer your handbag.”)Gdzie kupiłaś ten sweter? Jest przepiękny! (“Where did you buy this sweater? the gorgeous!”)

Learn more words for clothing in polishing to increase your complimenting abilities!

C- SmileMasz bardzo ładny uśmiech. (“You have a an extremely pretty smile.”)Pięknie się uśmiechasz. (“You laugh beautifully.”)D- basic compliments top top appearanceJesteś najpiękniejszą kobietą, jaką kiedykolwiek widziałem. (“You’re the most beautiful mrs I’ve ever before seen.”)

This phrase can be said to a mrs by a male in a romantic context. If a woman wanted to to speak it, the kind of the verb widzieć (“to see”) would change to widziałam.

Świetnie/Super/Ekstra wyglądasz! (“You watch great!”)

We might compliment a man in the exact same way.

Macierzyństwo ci służy! (“Motherhood suits you!”)

The literal meaning is closer to: “Motherhood offer you well!”) it’s a polishing compliment particularly for women who’ve come to be mothers.

Z roku na rok wyglądasz coraz lepiej! (“You look much better every year!”)

This phrase is stereotypically thought about one the the top Polish compliments for a girl or woman.

Zżera mnie zazdrość jak na ciebie patrzę. (“I’m environment-friendly with envy when I look at you.”)

This is a compliment in polish told by a mrs to a woman.

2- polishing Compliments for guys on Appearance


Compliments around a man’s smile and also hair would certainly be the very same as because that women, even though they’re certainly used less often. Girlfriend can likewise compliment a man on the following:

A- OutfitPodoba mi się Twój garnitur. (“I like your suit.”)Fajne jeansy! (“Cool jeans.”)Szykowna marynarka! (“Stylish jacket!”)Nieźle sie odstawiłeś! (“You look an extremely fancy.”)

The critical expression is humorous and also can be offered in a median way, for this reason make sure you’re on an excellent terms through someone and also that they acquire your feeling of humor before you use it.

B- basic compliments top top looksJesteś najwspanialszym mężczyzną, jakiego znam. (“You’re the finest man ns know.”)

This expression is romantic in nature. Room you keen come learn more about romance and also love in Polish?

Kim jest ten przystojniak? (“Who’s the handsome man?”)

Another humorous way to comment on the truth that who looks good.

Bardzo wyprzystojniałeś. (“You’ve gained much more handsome.”)

This one is a compliment frequently used for someone that we’ve known as a boy or teenager.

Nieźle się trzymasz. (“You tho look good.”)

This expression is used for someone who’s aging well. Are you tho unsure of exactly how to compliment a guy? Wikihow to the rescue!

2. Praising who in polish for your Work


Everyone likes to feeling appreciated, which is why that so necessary to recognize the ideal Polish compliments to offer on a task well done. If you don’t feeling confident around your job-related Polish vocabulary, go to ours jobs/work vocabulary builder.

1- basic Work-Related Compliments

There’s a number of Polish compliments applicable in countless work-related situations. Castle include:

Dobra robota! (“Good job!”)

Widać, że się starał! (“I have the right to tell you’ve put a many work into it!”) Widać, że się starał! (“I can tell you’ve put a many work into it!”)

Zasłużył na pochwałę! (“You’ve earned your praise!”) Zasłużył na pochwałę! (“You’ve earned her praise!”)

By the exact same token, you could humorously indicate that someone’s occupational is so good that the or she deserves a raise:

Zasłużył na podwyżkę! (“You should acquire a raise!”) Zasłużył na podwyżkę! (“You should gain a raise!”)

Twoje wyniki przerosły moje oczekiwania. (“Your results have surpassed mine expectations.”)

2- specific Compliments on Someone’s Work

There are additionally many compliments you can use in particular situations, depending on the sex of the noun:

A- FeminineBardzo podobała mi się twoja prezentacja. (“I’ve really took pleasure in your presentation.”)Ciekawa przemowa. (“An exciting talk.”)Znakomita sugestia. (“An wonderful suggestion.”)B- MasculineBardzo podoba mi się twój pomysł. (“I really prefer your idea.”)Ciekawy plan. (“An amazing plan.”)Znakomity raport. (“An excellent report.”)C- NeutralBardzo podobało mi się twoje wystąpienie. (“I’ve really appreciated your speech.”)Ciekawe podejście. (“An interesting approach.”)Znakomite podsumowanie. (“An terrific summary.”)

3. Complimenting who on your Skills


Sometimes, in your private life, you may want to compliment a friend or an acquaintance on their skills. ~ all, complimenting someone in Poland might earn girlfriend brownie points.

One thing to psychic is that Polish compliments because that a girl or woman are often various than those because that a man. This is because of the transforms in the form of adjectives and gender-dependent nouns.

Learn high-frequency adjectives in Polish, and then gain ready to use them in polish compliments!

1- saying Nice Things around Someone’s Cooking


If who makes an initiative to cook for you, you have to at least know how to say how much you’ve took pleasure in the meal. By the way, have actually you ever tried polishing cuisine?

Jesteś świetną kuchar. (“You’re a an excellent cook.”) Jesteś świetnym kucharzem. (“You’re a good cook.”) Naprawdę pycha, dziękuję! (“It’s yes, really delicious, thank you.”)Świetnie gotujesz. (“You’re a great cook.”) Przepyszna sałatka . (“Great salad!”)Przepyszny makaron . (“Great pasta!”)Niebo w gębie. Dasz mi przepis? (“Super-tasty! have the right to you give me the recipe?”) <Niebo w gębie is an idiom slang expression that literally way “Heaven in the mouth.”>

2- Praising Someone’s creative Skills

When a girlfriend unleashes your inner artist, there’s nothing nicer for them 보다 hearing some actual appreciation for your skills. Here’s a number of handy phrases to usage for that purpose:

A- PhotographyMasz naprawdę dobre oko. (“You have a really good eye for photography.”)Piękne ujęcie! (“What a beautiful shot!”)Gdzie się nauczył robić takie świetne zdjęcia? (“Where go you find out to take such good pictures?”) Gdzie się nauczył robić takie świetne zdjęcia? (“Where go you discover to take it such an excellent pictures?”) Super zdjęcie! (“Great picture!”)

Curious for much more photography words? hear to this conversation about a polishing photograph!

B- PaintingŚwietnie malujesz! (“You repaint well!”)To ty come namalow? (“You’re the one that painted it?”) To ty come namalow? (“You’re the one that painted it?”)

These expressions, with doubt, introduce a ide that miscellaneous is almost too good to be done by a non-professional. Such compliments room not unusual in polishing culture.

Ten pies wygląda jak żywy. (“This dog looks together if he was real.”)Ta kobieta wygląda jak żywa. (“This woman looks together if she to be real.”)To dziecko wygląda jak żywe. (“This son looks together if it was real.”)

Żywy literally method “alive,” however in this context, it translates as “real.”

Przepiękny obraz! (“What a stunning painting!”)C- playing an instrument


Pięknie grasz! (“You play beautifully!”)Jesteś bardzo uzdolnioną pianist/saksofonist/gitarzyst. (“You’re a really talented pianist/saxophone player/guitar player.”) Jesteś bardzo uzdolnionym pianistą/saksofonistą/gitarzystą. (“You’re a really talented pianist/saxophone player/guitar player.”) Grasz jak anioł! (“You play choose an angel!”)

To learn just how to talk about hobbies in Polish, nothing forget to go to our lesson “What carry out you perform in your cost-free time in Poland?”

3- Compliments about Language Skills

As a language-learner, you should recognize that finding out a foreign language no easy and also that it’s very nice to be complimented on her skills. Here’s exactly how you have the right to say a few nice words around someone’s language fluency in Polish:

Świetnie mówisz po angielsku. (“You speak English really well.”)Mówisz po włosku jak aboriginal speaker. (“You speak Italian like a native speaker.”)Mówisz po niemiecku, jakbyś urodził się w Niemczech. (“You speak German as if you to be born in Germany.”) Mówisz po niemiecku, jakbyś urodziła się w Niemczech. (“You speak German as if you to be born in Germany.”) Masz bardzo bogate słownictwo. (“You have a really rich vocabulary.”)Jestem pod wrażeniem twoich zdolności językowych. (“I’m impression by her language skills.”)


Do friend know just how to brag around your very own language skills in Polish? If not, examine out ours lesson “Who wants to it is in a polyglot?”

4. Make Compliments Sound much more Sincere


Knowing the finest Polish compliments is one thing, and also knowing once to provide them so that they sound herbal is another. Below, friend can find tips on making your compliments sound an ext sincere.

1. Speak just the truth.

The best method to make your compliments an ext sincere is gift honest. Don’t tell someone you choose their new hairstyle just due to the fact that you think that’s what’s expected.

2. If you have nothing nice come say, speak nothing.

Only offer the compliments girlfriend mean, and also if you have nothing nice come say, continue to be quiet. This means you have to refrain native negativity. Your sincere compliment later on will mean nothing if you regulate to violation someone beforehand.

3. Comment on details things.

Vague compliments such as Wyglądasz świetnie! (“You look at great!”) have the right to be nice, yet people prefer particular compliments, as they come off as more genuine. It is why Uwielbiam takie kolorowe kolczyki! (“I love such vibrant earrings!”) sounds an ext like it’s comes from the love than just saying Fajne kolczyki! (“Cool earrings!”)

4. Smile and look human being in the eye.

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A thank you smile and also looking human being in the eye are sure methods to make a compliment feel genuine.

5. Respect people’s personal space.

Polish world are much much less touchy than, because that instance, american or world in some other nations. Girlfriend don’t desire to come off together pushy or flirty, if that’s no your intention. Observe your environment and ask roughly to learn exactly how close you should acquire to a person and in what situations touch is appropriate.

If friend feel prefer you need more help, check out the guide on Wikihow “How to give a Compliment.” Psychology Today is also there because that you to tell you around 9 varieties of compliments that do and also don’t work.

5. What to expect After You provide a Compliment

Polish civilization enjoy compliments similar to people in any kind of other nation. However, compliments in Polish culture are often diminished by civilization who get them. For instance, if you prayer someone’s piano-playing skills with:

Pięknie grasz na pianinie. (“You beat the piano beautifully.”)

You deserve to expect a reply of Dziękuję (“Thank you”), followed by something along the currently of: To tylko zasługa mojego nauczyciela. (“It’s only since of my teacher.”)


Other methods to to speak “thanks” for the compliment in polishing include:

Dzięki, ale come nic wielkiego! (“Thanks, yet it’s naught special!”)Naprawdę tak sądzisz? Dzięki! (“Do you yes, really think so? Thanks!”)Dzięki wielkie! (“Thanks a lot!”)

Trip Savvy has actually some an excellent information on the intricacies that the polishing culture, if you would prefer to learn also more!

6. Last Thoughts

Today, did you do it learned many useful Polish phrases. Compliments, after all, are an indispensable communication tool. Polish compliment translations don’t always have exact matches in English, yet there’s a wide selection of compliments in this language.

Whenever you require Polish compliments because that a girl, woman, or man, you can consult our short article again to find them. Girlfriend can also read around the top 10 compliments you always want come hear in Polish. I beg your pardon compliment would you favor to hear the most? permit us know in the comments section before you go.

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