Have you ever before wondered why greeting is important? as well as it’s the communication of human relationship, over there are several benefits that come along with. Because that example, you can make a good first impression, collection a confident tone for any kind of conversation and even make a great impact ~ above others.

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Greetings are likewise the first few words that people would learn when discovering a foreign language. For this reason in this post, you room going come learn how to use the appropriate greeting words transparent a day to make a great first impression.

Let’s begin with the basics!

早 pinyin: zǎo; Early; morning; early morning


The link character 早 combine 日 (sun) and also 十 (ten). Doesn’t 早 look like the sun above a flagpole?! as soon as do us hoist a flag? at an early stage morning! In enhancement to its literal meaning meaning, 早 can be a colloquial way of speak “good morning.” It’s basic but an extremely friendly. And also you might receive one even much more amiable answer from her Chinese counterparts, such as 早! 早! 早!

早安; 午安; 晚安


Choosing to usage “good morning” (早安), “good afternoon” (午安), and also “good night” (晚安) relies on the moment of day. Those 3 phrases re-superstructure a common character 安. 安 has actually several definitions, and when we usage it in ours greeting phrases, it method “peaceful/good.” here’s what the greeting phrases watch like:

早 (early morning) + 安 (peaceful) = 早安 (Good morning)午 (noon) + 安 (peaceful) = 午安 (Good afternoon)晚 (night) + 安 (peaceful) = 晚安 (Good night)

Hang on! What happened to the “good evening” in Chinese? we use one more phrase 晚上好 as soon as we great someone “good evening.” 晚上 way “evening” and 好 means “good.” We room much an ext likely come say 晚安 once we walk to bed.

P.S. In Mainland China, 早上好 (zǎo shàng hǎo) is used more often 보다 早安 and also 下午好 (xià wǔ hǎo) is used much more frequently than 午安.


The phrase 大家好 translates to “hello, everyone,” and also is written of three characters. The very first two characters “大家” (big + family) translates to “everyone.” that pretty nice come think that everyone together a huge family! This is a typical phrase by itself, so it’s precious remembering.

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The last character, 好 is very versatile. It method “good,” “well,” “OK,” “very,” or “yes.”

So, in Chinese, when we to speak 大家好, literally, we wish “everyone” (大家) is “good” (好)!大家 (Everyone) + 好 (Good) = 大家好 (Hello everyone) (Everyone good)