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English Poems IndexI stand tip-toe ~ above a tiny hill. : 1 stand tip-toe upon, a small hill,The air was cooling, and so very still,That the sweet buds which with a usually prideBull droopingly, in slanting curve aside,Their, scantly leaved, and finely tapering stems,Had no yet shed those starry diademsCaught indigenous the beforehand sobbing the the morn.The clouds to be pure and white as flocks brand-new shorn,And new from the clean brook; sweetly castle sleptOn the blue areas of heaven, and then over there creptA little noiseless noise amongst the leaves,Born the the really sigh that silence heaves :For no the faintest motion might be seenOf every the shades that slanted o"er the green.There was wide wand"ring for the greediest eye,To peer about upon variety;Far round the horizon"s crystal air to skim,And trace the dwindled edgings the its brim;To snapshot out the quaint, and also curious bendingOf a new woodland alley, never ever ending;Or through the bowery clefts, and also leafy shelves,Guess where the jaunty streams update themselves.I gazed awhile, and also felt together light, and freeAs though the fanning wing of MercuryHad played upon mine heels: ns was light-hearted,And countless pleasures to mine vision started;So ns straightway started to pluck a posedOf luxuries bright, milky, soft and rosy.John KeatsAbout The Poet :John Keats (1795-1821) is taken into consideration to be amongst the greatest of English poets. The son of a livery secure keeper, Keats attended institution at Enfield England. At the age of 16 he to be apprenticed to a surgeon. Keats offered up surgery to create poetry. His very first volume the poems showed up in 1817. It consisted of I stood tip-toe top top a little hill, Sleep and also Poetry and also the famous sonnet On very first Looking right into Chapman"s Homer".

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In the selected poem (which is the very first part that a much longer poem) we gain a great idea that Keats" love because that nature, and also his knowledge of it at an initial hand.Words to know :
Bowery : shady and also leafy favor a shelterDiadems : crowning distinction or glory or jewelled headbandDwindling : decreasingMercury : The roman god that acted together a messenger between humans and also gods. Mercury was claimed to have actually winged feet and flew rapidly from place to place, also to carry dreams to sleeping humans.Posey : posy : a bunch that flowersQuaint : weird or unusual especially in a satisfaction or interesting wayScantly : scantily : deficient or barely sufficientShorn : past participle of shear and having had something (hair, fleece) cut or removed