The nationwide Traffic Law center (NTLC) is proud to be partnered with a multitude of organizations helping us occupational to boost traffic safety. Please see listed below for further information on every partner.

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AAA structure for traffic Safety

The foundation is a research and education organization committed to saving resides by staying clear of traffic crashes and reducing injuries when crashes occur.

The American association of Motor vehicle Administrators

AAMVA is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization arising model programs in motor vehicle administration, legislation enforcement and highway safety. The association also serves together an details clearinghouse in these areas, and acts as the international spokesman because that these interests. Https://

Foundation for progressing Alcohol Responsibility

The foundation for progressing Alcohol Responsibility, regularly referred to together “”, is a non-profit organization that supplies advocacy, research, and innovative ideologies to combat drunk driving and underage drinking. Https://

Governors Highway safety Association

GHSA to represent the state and also territorial highway safety offices that implement federal approve programs to resolve behavioral highway safety and security issues. The mission is to carry out leadership and also advocacy for the states and territories to improve traffic safety, affect national policy, boost program management and also promote finest practices.

Insurance Institute because that Highway safety and security

(IIHS) is an independent, nonprofit scientific and also educational organization devoted to reducing the accident — deaths, injuries and property damages — indigenous motor car crashes.

The Highway ns Data institute (HLDI) shares and supports this mission through scientific studies of insurance data representing the human and also economic losses resulting from the ownership and also operation the different species of vehicles and also by posting insurance loss outcomes by automobile make and model.

International combination of Chiefs that Police

The website traffic safety initiatives of the IACP are dedicated to address common factors that cause these crashes and also look to provide guidance, great learned and also best practices to law enforcement v the hope to avoid this tragic ns of live.

National combination of medicine Court experts

NADCP is a nationwide non-profit corporation which developed a common-sense method to boosting the justice system by making use of a mix of justice monitoring and effective therapy to compel drug-using criminal to change their lives.

National association of Prosecutor Coordinators

(NAPC) is a national professional association the prosecutor coordinators. It consists of 50 member states and also meets in ~ a minimum of twice a year to share and exchange ideas, information and also trends that influence state prosecutors.

National facility for DWI courts

The National center for DWI court is a expert services department of the national Association of medicine Court specialists (NADCP) designed come raise awareness the the success that DWI Courts, carry out training assistance, and research come DWI Courts, and also establish new DWI court nationwide. Https://

National facility for State Courts

NCSC is the organization courts rotate to because that authoritative knowledge and information, due to the fact that its initiatives are directed by collaborative work-related with the Conference of chef Justices, the Conference the State Court Administrators, and other associations of judicial leaders.

National Judicial college

The nation’s top judicial finding out institution, that is mission is to carry out leadership in achieving justice through high quality judicial and also collegial dialogue.

The nationwide Road safety Foundation

NRSF is non-profit charitable organization that for much more than 50 years has actually been devoted to reducing crashes, deaths and also injuries ~ above our nation’s highways by cultivating safe driving behavior through better public awareness.

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National Sheriffs’ Association

The nationwide Sheriffs’ combination is a non-profit expert association devoted to offering educational resources to sheriffs and affiliated law-enforcement professionals.

National Transportation safety and security Board (NTSB)

The national Transportation safety Board (NTSB) is one independent federal accident investigation agency. Because its development in 1967, the safety Board’s mission has actually been to determine the probable reason of transportation mishaps and to formulate safety recommendations to boost transportation safety. Https://

Road come Zero

This coalition concentrates on assessing and cultivating behavior readjust strategies and also developing a strategic plan for self-driving cars and also human-vehicle-roadway communication. Https://

Traffic Injury Research foundation

TIRF is an independent, road safety research study institute. TIRF conducts scientific research study to recognize the human causes and also effects of roadway crashes. It develops and evaluates programs and policies to deal with them, and shares research findings through a riches of free educational resources and education programs.