As friend probably understand already, Spanish noun are divided into 2 groups: masculine nouns and feminine nouns.

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In Spanish, nouns referring to animals, follow two different patterns with regard to your gender.

1. Pet names v masculine and feminine forms

Only because that some pets we use a mrs noun to refer to the male and a feminine noun to describe the female.

It might be the exact same noun with a different ending:

conejo coneja

tigre tigresa

We have tendency to usage the mrs noun to refer to the animal without the sex distinction:

conejo , tigre , caballo .

But we use the feminine kind in part cases:

oveja , cabra .

2. Pet names with just one form

Most animals, however, have actually a fixed name in Spanish with an arbitrary gender* the we need to learn, together happens with most Spanish nouns.

* psychic that, once speaking about languages, the word sex refers come a grammatical department that might or may not reflect biological sex.

When we desire to differentiate the animal’s sex, we include the native macho or hembra to the noun:

jirafa macho jirafa hembra

cocodrilo macho cocodrilo hembra

Determiners and also adjectives should agree v the noun’s gender and also not v the animal’s sex. However, macho and hembra space nouns, and also they don’t have to agree in sex nor number through the animal noun:

La jirafa macho está cansada.

Esos cocodrilos hembra son pequeños.

In not blocked language, occasionally the short article is supplied to to express the animal’s sex:

el cocodrilo la cocodrilo

A one-of-a-kind case

Remember the feminine noun (referring to animals or not) v a emphasize initial a- take on the masculine-singular articles el and un for factors of pronunciation.

For example, águila takes on the masculine post when singular, but any modifying adjective must proceed to agree with the noun’s feminine inflection:

El águila es rápida.

Un águila blanca voló sobre nosotros.

And it takes on the feminine short article when provided in plural:

Las águilas son rápidas.

Unas águilas blancas volaron sobre nosotros.

Lists of animals in Spanish

Below friend will discover two beneficial lists.

The an initial one contains names of pets in Spanish through two various forms to refer to the male and the female. The noun used to describe the animal without any kind of sex difference is in bold.

The 2nd list contains pet names with only one form, either masculine or feminine. (For the English translation, I’ve consisted of only the basic noun, i.e., words that explains the animal without the sex distinction.)

I’ve chosen simply a couple of animals to list as examples here. Please, contact me if you miss seeing a specific animal or want to asking anything.

Have fun discovering the names of animals in Spanish!

List of pets with two different forms

pig, sowcerdocerda

List of pets with only one form

beeabeja (f)
eagleáguila (f)
larkalondra (f)
antelopeantílope (m)
squirrelardilla (f)
ostrichavestruz (m)
waspavispa (f)
slugbabosa (f)
whaleballena (f)
bisonbisonte (m)
oxbuey (m)
owlbúho (m)
vulturebuitre (m)
chameleoncamaleón (m)
canarycanario (m)
crabcangrejo (m)
kangaroocanguro (m)
snailcaracol (m)
carpcarpa (f)
beavercastor (m)
zebracebra (f)
chimpanzeechimpancé (m)
bedbugchinche (m)
cicadacigarra (f)
storkcigüeña (f)
swancisne (m)
crocodilecocodrilo (m)
coralcoral (m)
cockroachcucaracha (f)
cuckoocuco (m)
crowcuervo (m)
dolphindelfín (m)
hedgehogerizo (m)
beetleescarabajo (m)
spongeesponja (f)
starfishestrella de mar (f)
pheasantfaisán (m)
flamingoflamenco (m)
sealfoca (f)
tickgarrapata (f)
herongarza (f)
sparrowhawkgavilán (m)
gullgaviota (f)
swallowgolondrina (f)
gorillagorila (m)
sparrowgorrión (m)
cricketgrillo (m)
cranegrulla (f)
hawkhalcón (m)
hyenahiena (f)
hippopotamushipopótamo (m)
anthormiga (f)
ibisibis (m)
wild boarjabalí (m)
giraffejirafa (f)
koalakoala (m)
lizardlagarto (m)
sea lionleón marino (m)
leopardleopardo (m)
dragonflylibélula (f)
hareliebre (f)
lynxlince (m)
seallobo marino (m)
earthwormlombriz (f)
fireflyluciérnaga (f)
butterflymariposa (f)
ladybugmariquita (f)
jellyfishmedusa (f)
kitemilano (m)
blackbirdmirlo (m)
flymosca (f)
mosquitomosquito (m)
batmurciélago (m)
otternutria (f)
orangutanorangután (m)
caterpillaroruga (f)
pandaoso panda (m)
polar bearoso polar (m)
birdpájaro (m)
woodpeckerpájaro carpintero (m)
pigeonpaloma (f)
pantherpantera (f)
peacockpavo real (m)
pelicanpelícano (m)
parakeetperiquito (m)
fishpez (m)
penguinpingüino (m)
lousepiojo (m)
mothpolilla (f)
fleapulga (f)
pumapuma (m)
frograna (f)
ratrata (f)
mouseratón (m)
reindeerreno (m)
rhinocerosrinoceronte (m)
nightingaleruiseñor (m)
salamandersalamandra (f)
grasshoppersaltamontes (m)
leechsanguijuela (f)
toadsapo (m)
snakeserpiente (f)
horseflytábano (m)
badgertejón (m)
sharktiburón (m)
moletopo (m)
turtletortuga (f)
vipervíbora (f)

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